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Alan Brown's picture

colorful kayaks

Something a little different from my normal style. Some older shots that I felt were never quite right but had potential.

These are kayaks stacked outside of an outdoor shop awaiting purchase. I particularly did not like some of the detail on the kayaks, which I felt added harshness to the images and a distraction from the otherwise flowing lines. This I got rid of using a series of Path Blurs/blend modes in Photoshop

I really like the blocks of color and minimal detail. Thoughts/favorites?

As always there can be no wrong opinions and all feedback, whether good or bad is appreciated (this is how we ll learn and grow).

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Matthew Lacy's picture

I like the first a lot. The others somehow don't resonate with me.

Alan Brown's picture

Interesting.. thanks for the feedback

Bruce Grant's picture

Liking the 1st - I think the potential has been realized. 2nd is nice too. Remind me of palm fronds. Are the handles on the 3rd shot the distractions you didn't like?

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks, Bruce. The handles were certainly part of it, but the paint job on the others didn't give the feel I was after.

Now I look at the third I really don't like the effect - looks too much like dropping clarity. I personally like the first two at this point (my viewpoint may change over time....)

I appreciate the feedback.

Andrew Williams's picture

#3 looks like multi-colored bananas. Good stuff.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks Andrew.
Were I into multi-colored bananas I may enjoy it more, but I'm becoming less enamored with #3 the more I look at it.