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Matthew Lacy's picture

Today's Two (ICM & Minimal)

These are two photos that I took while on a photo outing this evening.

The first is a 6 second ICM pan of my cat. I followed him as he crossed a log in some woods behind my house.

The second is an image taken of a tree branch reaching upwards towards the moon.

I am open to any opinions, criticisms, or comments from the community on either of these images. I particularly wonder about the color of the sky in image #2. Does it "work" for you?

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Bruce Grant's picture

Really like the ICM! Obscured yet identifiable. Almost looks like it's running across water.

I think the sky could be a bit darker but it's hard to say without knowing what you're going for. I may be being too cerebral about it.

Matthew Lacy's picture

Thank you Bruce! I seem to have a talent for getting a water-like view from my ICM. I appreciate the comment. I always struggle with getting my skies to look natural, which is why I typically have to ask others if they look alright.

Vijay Mewada's picture

My opinion for Image 2.

Matthew Lacy's picture

It certainly has a good balance that way.