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Hank Rintjema's picture

Blurry Abstract Style

I just joined this group and I'm hoping to get feedback on some photos. I started this blurry style of photography about a month ago. Naturally, I think it's cool but I'd love your opinion. What do you think?

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Matthew Lacy's picture

I've been watching it since it showed up and have been waiting on a post here. I'm a big fan and look forward to seeing where it takes you.

Hank Rintjema's picture

...tHANKs Matthew. It all started with this selfie! I just swooshed the red umbrella in a U shape and this is what I got.

Matthew Lacy's picture

I believe I remember that one. It was a continuation of your Red Umbrella series, right?

Hank Rintjema's picture

You got it Mathew!

Joe Svelnys's picture

Very nice, I like it. Sorry I can't offer much of feedback other then that. I'd like to see more. :)

Hank Rintjema's picture

...tHANKs Joe. "Likes" motivate more images... hahaha!

Bruce Grant's picture

As stated in your original post the 2nd is my favorite, but all are great. I think this style can have the highest impact on those who move a lot...athletes, dancers. A mom running behind her child? :)

Hank Rintjema's picture

I agree Bruce. My problem is limited space. My studio is small.

Mike Osmond's picture

I absolutely love this style of flowing abstract and you've nailed these perfectly.
Congrats and regards,

Hank Rintjema's picture

...tHANKs Mike. You are a very encouraging person... thank you!

Alan Brown's picture

I love these Hank, I think you have captured the flow perfectly.

Perhaps you can share with the group your technique - do you manually trigger your strobe or set to a fixed delay (and have the model pause/hold a pose?

I have actually considered using a similar technique in the past to catch movement outdoors using a flash but am not that organized.

Always a joy to see your creations.

Hank Rintjema's picture

...tHANKs Alan.
Here's how I do it...
My camera is on a tripod f11 @ 2sec ISO 100
On the left, I have an old tungsten light I purchased on Kijiji. This light captures the 2 second blur.
On the right is a flash set on second curtain sync. This flash fires at the end of the 2 sec exposure stopping the motion.
It's a little tricky working with the subject to get the timing right. The results are unpredictable which I find quite intriguing. You never know what you're going to get.

PS... I get a kick outta folks rating my photos... just sayin'

Alan Brown's picture

Have you tried bulb mode and manually firing the flash as the subject assumes a pose? I would think that would offer a bit more control (not that I know........).

I think I have seen a similar technique used in the past in street photography - a totally different outcome but like I said nothing I ever got round to trying.

PS - I've been following you for some time and have provided the kick you are looking for. I hope you can remain engaged in the group and offer some of your valued input/advice to others.

John Zunski's picture

Seriously creative work. Can't add anything that hasn't been said, and Alan asked the how. When the cynic in me complains every picture that can be taken has been taken, along comes something lime this. Inspirational.

Hank Rintjema's picture

Something different, eh John?! Definitely a creative outlet and a ton-of-FUN.