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Updated ICM Work

The first image is a black and white experimental piece done a week ago. I was messing with the contrasts between the white wall and shadowed room behind. I was using shutter speeds up to 20 seconds, but I believe this shot was at 16 seconds handheld. All motion is natural hand shaking.

The second image is a bit messed with, but is of a blooming apple tree. I converted the greens to oranges in post. This one was taken with a 6 second exposure and was somewhat inspired by the work of Freeman Patterson and his tree studies.

All kinds of comments are welcomed from critical to acclaiming. I'd love to hear what you all think of these two pictures.

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Bruce Grant's picture

I find the ICM treatment on wall intriguing. I love the technique on trees and landscapes and lamp posts but i think I'd like to see more around the house shots.

Even though you said they were trees i still couldn't wrap my brain around it when i saw the picture. I really had to look at it to see what was going on.

Matthew Lacy's picture

I've done a bit more around the house in the past, but nothing spectacular. I may dig out some older shots if I have a chance.

The second picture got very very abstract. Who knew my hands were so shaky?

Deleted Account's picture

First one for me Matthew, I think i like the softness, the balance and the simplicity. T

Matthew Lacy's picture

Number two was an experiment in a new technique for me. I'm not so sure that I've gotten it down quite yet. I do think that I like number one for exactly the same reasons as you said.

Deleted Account's picture

Apologies Matthew, 2nd part of my comment surplus to requirement. Uninformed/dim. Thanks for pointing out Freeman Patterson (wow) I am now a teeny bit more enlightened. T

Matthew Lacy's picture

There's no need to apologize. I welcomed all comments. Even those who don't have experience can have useful opinions. Patterson was the featured photographer in the March issue of the ICM photomagazine. His work is quite beautiful.

Alan Brown's picture

Thanks for posting Matthew. It's great to see you exploring and advancing your ICM techniques.

I like the first image and feel this direction holds promise. You have created a composition that is balanced and asks questions of the viewer. I'd like to see more in this theme (B&W really helps here as you have greater control over tones), keeping the focus on composition.

Like others I am not so keen on the second. For me the art of ICM is to either present the familiar in a different light, while remaining true to other artistic concepts (composition/lighting), or create an abstract that combines form, lighting, color etc into an interesting composition.

It's fantastic that you subscribed to the magazine and have been inspired by Freeman Patterson, such inspiration and your continued enthusiasm will undoubtedly drive your ICM growth.