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One of My Favorites to Work With

I had the pleasure of working with this beautiful model four times last year. We have a barter agreement right now - I get to practice posing and she gets shots to increase her exposure. Gen is easy to work with, is always positive and is willing to try different things.

These were shot in DC with ambient light using the strip lights under the stairs in front of her. I think they give her a nice glow in contrast to the cold gray sky. Would you have edited these differently? What are your thoughts?

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Great shots. More please :)

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Thank you. There will be more :)

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I love the first image. That hidden smile. It's absolutely wonderful :)

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Thank you. She was a blast to work with.

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Gen is absolutely stunning, and seems to exude a very positive vibe. No wonder you enjoy working with her so much!

I can't say that I would have edited them differently ...... but them again as a nature photographer I am used to trying to capture and portray scenes pretty much the way they "really looked" in real life, so significant editing is not something that I have much experience with, nor much to say about.

One thing I can say is that in the first image, the pose of her face and hands, and the expression on her face, really draws me in and serves as a very powerful focal point. I wonder ..... while she was striking that pose, did you happen to make any images that are framed more tightly, showing her face and hands larger in the frame?

She does look tremendous and I think you realize that with her you have someone very special. Now I am going to look you up online to see if you have any other work I can look at ..... especially more images of Gen!

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Thanks for your reply and input. Like you I try to keep my images as I saw them. I've done some frequency separation but she always comes with her makeup done so all I really need to do is remove a few blemishes and enhance a bit in Lightroom

Yes, she is great and I look forward to our next session which I've already visualized - she's a dancer and I'd like to freeze her in motion. Not something I've done before but she's excited too!

Regarding the 1st picture I didn't take any closeups with her hands in that position but here's one with her face framed more tightly.

I apologize, I only joined like 2 weeks ago so these shots aren't reflected in my portfolio just yet.

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WOW! Just ..... wow!