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Just got back from NZ and had my first try at astrophotography

Definitely have a lot to learn but am already planning to head to some dark skies in Sydney when I get a chance...

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Campbell Sinclair's picture

Have you tried luminosity in Photoshop ? It helps bring up the stars better.

Gary Compton's picture

Any examples you can show me Campbell? happy for you to edit any of my photos

Gary Compton's picture

Thanks Campbell, not a fan of overdoing the post processing

Campbell Sinclair's picture

Take a look at two I posted a few weeks ago from York, Western Australia. I used luminosity to select the lights only from the stars.I learned the technique of YouTube.

Nice series! As Campbell mentioned, it wouldn't hurt to bring the stars out a bit more in post. I like the foreground in image in 2 is cool although it feels like you could rotate the image 10-15 degrees clockwise so the guardrail comes out of the corner. Love how the moonlight is lighting up the foreground in the last image.

Gary Compton's picture

Thanks Richard, I think it was a car headlights and not the moon lighting up the rock formation in the last image

Cédric Bloch's picture

Hey Gary! Nice photos for your first try! What I do, to bring out the milkyway is to use the "expose to the left" method. You can find it on youtube. The 2nd thing i do is a adjusment curve: I select the darkest spot in the milkyway, drag it down and select the lightest spot in the milkyway and drag it up. You then end up with a S-curve. I then use a mask to brush in the needed amount of contrast.

Here's my example:

Gary Compton's picture

Back in Oz now and shot the milky way last night

I started doing astrophotography too.. It is really great! Im taking a night sky workshop at the beginning of june in maine.. can't wait! here is a few of mine from last year