Mysterious Light!

In this Video I have explain how I shot this Photo with this Mysterious Light!
I know for someone it looks "Hard" to figure it out how did I use this kind of Light, but watch this Video and you will see it is so Easy...!

Behind the Scene!

Behind the Scene!
Some photos sometimes looks very difficult to captured, 3 years ago, I couldn't imagine that some day I will know to shoot this kind of Portraits, it was very hard for me to understand this kind of technique, than time to time, I realized that we complicate things more than they are, that`s the reason why I have posted...

BTS Parking Garage

Im just a poor amateur with crappy gear but this is what I used: x2 Youngnuo 560s, Fotodiox Box (NOT recommended-very hard to assemble I replaced it now)
Canon 550D
1/250 F4.5 ISO 400
Lens 28-135 F3.5-5.6 USM

BTS Shooting for LuxuryStndrd.Com at Mt. High

We were shooting up at Mountain High Ski Resort for an article on LuxuryStndrd.Com and the sun had gone behind a mountain.

I pulled out my 72" Octabox and set the power to the lowest setting just to fill in the ambient. This is the result I got.

Studio in Paradise!!

Getting Ready, Photographers, Videographers. & Models Ill be offering my Vacation Beach House & Condos Rentals at Great Discounts for us to do our Work & have an awesome vacation/adventures in paradise aka Costa Rica! Beautiful Beaches, Rain Forests, & Water Falls for great images!
" I too am a Photographer/Videographer so...