My lovely wife/model. Lockdown 2020, put our shoes on but nowhere to go. What was your experience?

Goblin in the Mist

This is a re-edit of the first post I did on this group. I added the mist to further give it the "haunted forest" feel...

The patient boyfriend

This is the no edits you asked for :)

The Hiker

This is a series of photos I took out in my woods. I hand-picked the twig and found some locations for him to traverse...

Box Turtle

The box turtle is the state turtle of Indiana, where I live. I found this one in the woods when I was in the woods...

Some of the few time I could take pictures of a bird

This was in my old house, I am able to capture pictures of birds but not flying.

Squirrel around the house

Winter is finishing and squirrel start going out more and more. This is one of them posing for me in front of my house...

Old Shots, New Life

With all of the spare time on my hands due to the quarantine, I've had a chance to revisit some of my older work and...

Denizen of the Woods.

The result of considering a different perspective. For the first I used straw and a single twig for the forest in the...

Craftsman light

Used a 30 dollar craftsman light. Wanted to play around with weird lighting.


Tried using only the windows as the light source. Here he was moving around, looking for projects around the garage...