A Nadir Shot of a New Development

Took these in a new development near my home, I was trying to capture the repetitive patterns in suburban developments. My main regret is not being able to find a spot without construction, although I haven't decided if it helps or hurts the photo. I'd love to hear any feedback/criticism from you all!

Azores Islands seen by Mavic camera

Azores is part of Portugal, is an archipelago composed of nine volcanic islands, located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, between Europe and America.
The Island of São Miguel has amazing landscapes, with many lagoons formed in volcanic craters. The aerial view obtained by a drone provides unique images that can show us how beautiful...

Drone Aerials in Denmark

The many groups and networks online shows a lot of impressive images shot by drones, from all over the world. Here in little flat Denmark, I would say that, we are lack of drone-material/motives/areas etc. Its flat from side to the other, and the old castles, buildings, locations are placed in the city, where drones are no-go. Main roads, and...

Zanzibar From Above

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share one of the images from my most recent trip to Zanzibar. The DJI Mavic continues to impress me with its image quality. I really like this perspective.

Shoot in Paradise aka Costa Rica!

This my Vacation Beach Property I will make my Studio soon,

I will conduct workshops and offers special discount rates for Photographer, Videographers, Models, ect in our business.
Beautiful beaches, rainforests, rivers, & waterfalls make your work amazing!

Winter views

Hi everyone,

new to the group and to the fstoppers comunity.
Over the last couple of weeks we've been busy capturing some astonishing winter scenes with our latest purchase DJI Inspire 2.
Let us know what you think of this one. More to follow.