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BnW Portrait

Hello Fstoppers!

My first post here :)

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Ian McCann's picture

A very hansome young man, stylishly photographed. I suspect he is slightly underexposed or more contrast would have looked better but they are good images.

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Thanks Ian! You are absolutely right, the image needs more contrast. I should have increased the distance between my light and subject?

Tom Lim's picture

I think they are both very well done. But for the first one, watch hand placement. Kinda looks like he's "touching" himself.

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Thanks for the feedback Tom! Yes, just realized the hand placement looks weird...

Joseph Anthony's picture

Love the first one, second one's eyes look odd, but other than that, very cool. It is true that the models right hand looks a little odd, you would think it would be curled slightly more if in his pocket like that. Nice job on both.

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Thanks for your feedback Joseph! Really appreciate it :)

James Douglas's picture

Stop clipping your blacks...