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A Jury of My Peers

So, this is the first online community I have ever decided to join. The work amongst many of the photographers here speaks for itself. The caliber of photographers here inspired me enough to step outside of my comfort zone and actively engage with the community.

My name is Ty Shaw and I have been pursuing photography for a little over a year. I took a black and white film photography course in college, but that is about all the active photography I have done. I love portraits and people's faces, so that is what I a primarily shoot. If I shoot other things, it is just to experiment and shake myself up so I don't get too comfortable. While the encouragement and criticisms I receive from my immediate circle of friends is helpful, I am excited to hear feedback from a group of knowledgeable and talented peers.

I look forward to talking with everyone and hopefully learning from y'all so I can push myself further. Cheers!

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Good start Ty... you have a good taste of art but better if you follow some youtube tutorials for better improvements

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Thanks man! I have a backlog of youtube stuff that I will be going through. Thanks for the feedback!

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appreciate if you can share with community if you find something exceptional ;-)

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Good work Ty. The bottom one is the better one for me. :)

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback!

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Thank you! I like how that one turned out as well. I appreciate the feedback!

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I agree you off to a good start. I agree the bottom one is best. Why I think that is the posing is good and the short lighting is flattering and dramatic. The middle image I like the lighting and the face as well but her body looks awkwardly posed, almost detached. The first image doesn't do much for me if it is meant to be a portrait. The broad lighting, slouched pose and the background don't flatter the subject.

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Thank you for the thorough feedback! I appreciate it. I'll keep your notes in mind!

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stop clipping your blacks...

Welcome! I think you're looking for a critique so here's mine. The first shot looks like a test shot and I don't think it belongs in your port.

The second shot looks great but I think that you've crushed the blacks just a little too much but I love the pose and the vibe from the model.

The third shot is is my favorite and the crushed blacks really work. Nothing feels overpowered.

Keep it up!

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Awesome! I was iffy about the first photo, so it is good to get consistent feedback on it. Thanks for the critique!