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Hank Rintjema's picture

Blurry Abstract Style

Hey Fstoppers Friends,

What do you think of this weird, streaky abstract photography?


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Paul FIlios's picture

Very well done to accentuate the movement. What is your process?

Hank Rintjema's picture

...tHANKs Paul. f11@2sec ISO 100. This is a two light set up. A tungsten light on the left to capture the blur and a flash on the right to stop the motion. I use 2nd curtain sync to fire the flash at the end of the exposure. It's an unpredictable, abstract style that doesn't make a mess like throwing flour around :)

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Bruce Grant's picture

Great shots and very smooth, fluid lines. Love the 2nd shot for the mostly white trail.

Hank Rintjema's picture

...tHANKs Bruce. Very elegant, eh?!

Chris Jablonski's picture

The second image especially is a knock-out, Hank! It captures the sense of that balletic movement beautifully The third is very striiking, but the blurred, streaky part, doesn't complement a violinist, who would normally stand still, as well.

I do admire your creative, experimental approach.

You could also post these in Minimalism, Abstract, Experimental; it's a very receptive and active Group.

Hank Rintjema's picture

...tHANKs for your comments Chris. It's so cool... I agree with everything you're saying. I even joined the group!!!