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Snow Goose Migration, Feedback Welcome

So far, I have only included landscapes in my profile and I am considering sharing some of my wildlife images, as well. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. Thank you.

I live along a migration route for waterfowl. Depending on the weather, birds will begin passing through in large numbers sometime between late January and mid February. While we see flocks of Canada Geese and Tundra Swans, Snow Geese are the real stars of the show. Hundreds of thousands of Snow Geese. A single day count during the 2018 migration exceeded 200,000 birds at a local wildlife management area.

These images were taken at different times over the last couple of years. For the first, I locked the camera down pointing at the moon and triggered the remote anytime it looked like a bird was getting close. I got lucky a few times. The second is a small part of a large flock lifting off the water. When 20 or 30 thousand birds take off at once, the wings make a sound almost like a low roar. For the third, I dragged the shutter a little to play up the motion of the wings.

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I like the third a lot. I think it has plenty of potential as an abstract.

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I like the third image as well but spent most of the time looking at the second image. I do like how you filled the frame in these photos.