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Learning lighting

I am learning lighting and beauty and I have found that I like this genre the best. I am looking for a little critique or any advice to help me continue learning. Heres a few images from my most recent test shoot.

Feel free to let me know if you like it or what I can work on to improve. I look forward to any responses I receive.


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These are great. You're off to an excellent start!

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these are really great, i like them all, except the 3rd one which is slightly different, yet good enough. but i feel if there were more hairs in the shot like maybe some covering her face, could make it more dark looking that matches the makeup.
however, there is a feeling to them that makes me wonder did you took these directly from above the model or they were taken at an angle ?

above all, these are awesome, special the retouch, weldone

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Can you tell me what type of light you used here thank you these photos are beautiful

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These are beautiful!

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These look great like the other said! Two things I'd change to make it even better:
1/ Have the brightest highlight on the most important part of the picture, here her face. One the first picture, the highlights in her hair are distracting, same on the 3rd with the arm. A polarizer on the strobe or the lens can help with specular highlight management, so can make up or in last resort retouching.
2/ Her chin looks quite flat and mat in comparison to the rest of her face. The highlight is not as glowy as the t-zone. Having the same kind of brightness on her chin as on her t-zone (not as bright though) will make her face look even more natural.

But overall, really like the pictures. I've shot things like that (overhead in the water) and it's not easy! Well done :)

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Im a newbie and I find the light and all great, I wish I can shot something looking like this soon. But I'm just a crop freak and i don't like the crop in any of the shots.
1. Cut ear. Little air / room to breathe. Also in that pic I think I'd darken the bright water/jhair area cause is distracting, and there's not enough visible water for the viewer to care if its water or whatever imho.

2-3-4. About the same tight cut. Elbow, hand, hair. 4 has too much space on right and to little on left. Maybe tilt to put it more vertically could help. 3rd is my fave composition wise. Shot/girl looks/ light wise, 1st is my fave (and yours :).

That's always a matter of taste, of course. Technically, light ans such, it's amazing for me.