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Introduce Yourself To The Group!

Welcome to the Official Fstoppers Fashion Photography group. Introduce yourself!

Let me get the ball rolling. My name is Peter House. I am a Toronto based commercial fashion photographer. I mostly work on the product and catalog side of things, but I also shoot a fair bit of editorial. I also run one of the more popular rental studios in the Toronto area; a 1500 square foot creative space that has seen some really cool personalities walk through its door. Last but not least, I am also a senior writer here at Fstoppers, and I hope you all enjoy my articles!

Don't forget to drop a link to your site and social media like this:

W: www.housethephotographer.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/pages/House-The-Photographer/103843359708687
I: https://instagram.com/peterhousephoto/
T: https://twitter.com/peterhousephoto

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Peter House's picture

Good eye! Welcome aboard :)

Michael Encarnacion's picture

Hello everyone, my name is Michael Encarnacion and I'm a portrait, fashion, and swimwear photographer located in South Florida.

W: www.photographme.net
F: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Photograph-ME/735444809898621?ref=aymt_ho...

merik goma's picture

Hello, my name is Merik hope everyone is enjoying themselves and I hope to bring something to the group

W: www.merikgphotography.format.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/Merikgphotography
I: https://instagram.com/merikgl

Melaki King's picture

Helllo everyone. Its nice to meet you All i like meeting and networking with other photographers i cant wait to see some of you guys work !! here is two of my photos i hope you guys enjoy them

Instagram: https://instagram.com/multiartsindustry/
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/melaki.king.7

Patrick Delos Santos's picture

Aloha everyone. My name is Patrick and I'm a beauty & fashion photographer in Hawaii. I work a lot with new and upcoming models to build their portfolios as well as work with other fashion industry people.
I love to photograph outdoors a lot, especially swimsuits at the beach. Currently, I am working on a self-produced fashion magazine called Hawaiian Glamour. Looking forward to meeting and chatting with everyone here.
W: www.kreativeimagesphoto.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/kreativeimagesphoto
I: https://instagram.com/kreativeimagesphoto
T: https://twitter.com/kreativeimages

Arnaldo Ilagan's picture

Hello everyone. My name is Arnaldo Ilagan from Melbourne, Australia. Joined Fstoppers to learn more and bring my passion to another level. Can't wait to learn from all of you :)

W: https://arnaldoilagan.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/arnaldo.ilagan.photography
I: https://instagram.com/arnaldoilagan
T: https://twitter.com/ArnaldoIlagan


Anjanette Arnold's picture

Hi! My name is Anjanette. I'm a part-time freelance portrait and fashion photographer from Las Vegas, NV. I hope to make photography a full-time job in the future!

W: http://www.vogueshots.com/
F: http://facebook.com/vogueshotsphotography
I: https://instagram.com/anjanettearnold
T: https://twitter.com/photosbyanj
500px: https://500px.com/anjanettelynn

Jeff Rojas's picture

Hi Guys! My name is Jeff Rojas and I'm a portrait and fashion photographer based in New York City. :)

I love photography, motorcycles, business and traveling. On the rare occasions that I get to do all those things at once... I feel like I'm going to implode. :P

Portfolio: https://www.sajorffej.com
Instagram: https://www.Instagram.com/SAJORFFEJ
Facebook: https:www.Facebook.com/SAJORFFEJ

Hi, my name is Angelyn. I am an Atlanta photographer and getting more into editorial, fashion, and test shoots. I love to be creative and create awesome photos.

Hi Peter, hey everyone! My name's Hatem and I'm from Cairo, Egypt. I'm a commercial photographer doing mostly food and fashion photography since 2011 and a year ago I also started to explore my videography skills. I have worked in advertising as a graphic designer for almost 10 years before I decided to change career. I am very happy to join these groups as I am always seeking second opinions from artists as I always find it very hard to judge my work. I'm basically here to learn and get better.


Hello, my name is Paul S Robinson. I am a PPA certified professional photographer based in central Massachusetts. I shoot primarily fashion, model portfolio and wedding photographer.

hi, Brij from New York ... I'v been in Fashion photography for about 8 years now..Every day i'm learning through my own mistakes and also expanding my portfolio.. would love if u could share ur views at my work ... www.brijrajthapa.com

My name is Michael Marshall, am a Photographer, retoucher and Graphic designer. Am a Nigerian and i live and work in Nigeria.

Jr Ganiban's picture

hey everyone, I'm Jr, i take photos for fun on hawaii, i shoot pretty much anything that interest me...
w: http://aeomlifestyle.com/lifestylemotivation
i: https://instagram.com/aeomlifestyle/
f: https://www.facebook.com/aeomlifestyle
t: https://twitter.com/aeomlifestyle

Crystal Provencher's picture

Hi Peter,

I'm Crystal. I'm currently in Sudbury, Ontario but I am relocating to Milan, Italy (super pumped). I have recently returned from a 3 year hiatus and feel more inspired than ever before. I have never shot fashion but it is an area that interests me and I would love to learn more from every one here. Also, I read that your girlfriend is Hungarian and let me tell you, Budapest is one of my favorite places that I have visited.

W: www.crystalimaging.co
IG: www.instagram.com/crystalimaging
500px: https://500px.com/crystalimaging

Michel HOWARD-MAURICE's picture

Salut !

I'm a french photographer, even if it is not my main occupation.
I've started photography at the end of 2012. Even if, i've drastically evolved since there, I still need to increase to quality of my photoshoot and retouch skills (2 photoshoots per month is not enough to practice and evolve).

It would be great if you had a lot to my portfolio and tell me what should I change first in my photography (composition, lights, retouch and so on)

website : http://www.mhmphotographie.com
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mhoward.photographie
Instagram : http://www.instagram.com/michelhowardmaurice
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/mhmphotographie

Sven Kristian's picture

Hello there. I'm Sven:-) Greetings from sunny Cape Town. I'm new to the Fstoppers community, less than 1 hour new;-) but have subscribing to the site for a while. Thanks to all that make it happen so the rest of us can learn. Thank you all and looking forward to seeing everyones work;-)

My details are as follows:

I: www.instagram.com/svenkristianphoto
F: www.facebook.com/svenkristianphotography
T: www.twitter.com/svenkphoto

Oliver Kay's picture

Hi Everyone, I am new to the fstoppers community and this group. I am a non-commercial photographer, with ambitions to learn and share...
W: www.oliverkay.500px.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/oliverkayphoto

Verginiya Yancheva's picture

Hey every one!
I'm Verginiya and I work as a Advertising and Fashion Photographer.
Have publications for Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan,Grazia and many others :)
I also make podcasts with Photography related people for: http://neverlandmag.com/category/success-story/

So happy to be here!

My web-site: http://vyancheva.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/VerginiyaYancheva/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/vyancheva/
T: https://twitter.com/vyancheva

John Paul's picture

Hey everyone my name is John Paul...
NJ/Philadelphia/NYC areas...

Hey guys, glad to join your group!

I'm a young (25yo) Fashion and Beauty photographer based in Paris. I follow FStoppers for about 4 years, and it really helped me to improve my style, workflow and culture about this world and I thank you all the writers for that!

W: http://www.sebastienbouvier.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/sbfashionbeauty
I: https://instagram.com/sebastien.bouvier/
T: https://twitter.com/SebastienB11

Michel HOWARD-MAURICE's picture

Salut Voisin (à l'échelle mondiale),
Beau travail photographique.
J'aime bien l'idée d'avoir mélangé le réseau électrique thailandais à la mode :)

Merci Michel, effectivement nous ne sommes pas loin ;-)

Anonymous's picture

Hi am brenda from the uk , love shooting fashion and would like to venture more into fashion photography

Anonymous's picture

Hi Peter
i'm Christian, a amateur photographer who like studio shooting ..
thanks' to take me on board of this group.

W: https://ninuxsoft.wix.com/cbdigitalstudio
F: https://www.facebook.com/ninuxsoft
I: https://instagram.com/cbdigitalstudio
T: https://twitter.com/cbdigitalstudio

Since 2009 I am learning how to shoot models.
My primary portfolio is http://500px.com/darkelf

Matteo Manganiello's picture

Hi everyone! I'm Matteo, from Italy! Currently I'm mainly a student and a second photographer on weddings in my freetime. I also love doing portrait.
I'm still learning a lot, you can find my works on Instagram: https://instagram.com/mmangaphoto/

Bye :)

Ekin Can Bayrakdar's picture

Hey, I am Ekin Can Bayrakdar, living in London, am a published fashion photographer,mostly I take editorial pictures.

W : www.ekincanbayrakdar.com
F : https://www.facebook.com/EkinC.Bayrakdar/
I : https://www.instagram.com/ekincanbayrakdar/
T : https://twitter.com/ekincbayrakdar

Hi everyone, My name is Sean Beagles, I am an amateur photographer based in Calgary, Canada. I worked professionally in the North American motion picture industry for almost 10 years, before switching careers. My focus in Photography up until 7 months ago was on travel photography. Since then I have focussed my attention to portrait, fashion, boudoir and art nude. I have been lucky to work with some great talent and have learned a lot. That being said, there,is still a lot to learn and I am lucky to have the opportunity to join this very talented group of Photographers. I have posted some of my photos on this site and welcome feedback/constructive criticism. I plan to set a portfolio in the near future but until then more of my work can be found on Instagram and the following website.

I: https://www.instagram.com/sean_beagles/
W: http://www.viewbug.com/member/seanbeagles

Deleted Account's picture

Hello! I'm André. Fashion photographer / audiovisual student.
W: http://andrepfaria.weebly.com
F: http://facebook.com/andrefariaphotos
I: http://instagram.com/phintruder/

Hi I'm Dirk from Belgium.
I am just a amateur with an interest in fashion, glamor and sensual emotive photography.
You'll almost always find those three elements in my pictures.
Low cost / no cost with best possible results is my aim. ;-)

500: https://500px.com/sweet-mischief

Ben Scott's picture

Hi Everyone my name is Ben Scott,

I recently relocated outside of DC area:

W: http://itsthebell.com
I: https://www.instagram.com/benwilliamscott/
F: http://facebook.com/itsthebell/

Martin Barker's picture

Hi everyone, I'm Martin. I've been a fashion and commercial photographer for around 4 years now. It's great to meet you all.

W: www.martindbarker.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/martinbarkerphotography/
I: https://instagram.com/martindbarkerphoto

Patrick Patton's picture

My name is Patrick Patton. I mostly do commercial/catalogue/product work as well as weddings, but I am just starting to branch out into the world of fashion photography. I'm here for inspiration, knowledge, guidance, and constructive criticism. Thank you!

W: www.patrickpattonphotography.com
Tw: http://patrickpattonphotography.tumblr.com/
Tu: http://patrickpattonphotography.tumblr.com/
P: https://www.pinterest.com/patrickpattonph

Justin Berrington's picture

Hey all,
My name is Justin. I'm not a fashion photographer but I like to try new genres to keep things fresh and possibly utilize techniques from one genre in another.

W: http://www.justinberrington.com
I: https://www.instagram.com/justinberrington

Alexander Fields's picture

Hello every one My name is Alexander. Im new to the fashion genre and look forward to discussing and getting input on my work and lending a tip or two if i can.

F: https://www.facebook.com/fuzzybeardphoto/
i: https://www.instagram.com/fuzzy_beard_photo/?hl=en

John Williams's picture

Hello everyone.
I am a photographer from NJ (usa) and I have been taking pictures for awhile but I have recently got into fashion and portrait p
photography since closing down my tattoo shops about 2 years ago. hope to learn from this group . thanks
I: https://instagram.com/buddha1200/
F: https://www.facebook.com/buddha1200

iClick Photography's picture

Hey Peter ! Thanks for creating the group.My name is iClick Dyno. I'm a Burmese photographer from Yangon,Myanmar. Do you known Myanmar ??? Near China & India ... :) I'm shooting mainly fashion and event ... I'm learn from this site so I need more suggestions. :)

John Lee's picture

Hello everyone,
My name is John Lee. Im from upstate New York. Also kind of a novice in the photography field. So any helpful feedback on my work would be greatly appreciated.

Tobias Klein's picture

Hello! My name is Tobias Klein and I am a college student. I try to improve my image making process in every way possible and eventually make professional level images.
you can find some of my work on my website
W: http://kltobias.com/
I: https://www.instagram.com/kle.tobias/

Michelle O'Reagan's picture

Hi. I'm a creative director, fashion designer, wardrobe stylist, and fashion photographer. I adore working outdoors and hope to expand my studio experience.

W: http://www.michelleoreagan.com
I: @trendevianbymichelleoreagan

Tatiana Junqueira's picture

Hello everyone! I'm the creative/production half of a fashion photography team based in LA: James Hickey Studio. Our combined works can be found at:

W: thefashionphotographer.com
IG: @jameshickeystudio & @tjunqueira

Excited to join the club and looking forward to engaging with you all!

Aamir Mundia's picture

hi this is aamir mundia from karachi, Pakistan. em a portrait photographer, just signed up this community, dont know how to use fstopper much. would love if some one can help me out, thanks.
my portfolio:

Chelsea Lothrop's picture

Hi there! I'm photographer & blogger from Serbia. I mostly enjoy fashion and travel photography. My blog is called Photography Anytime. Feel free to check out my blog or visit my profile here to contact me.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/photographyanytime/
Website: http://www.photographyanytime.com

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Maryn Haertel's picture

Hi there! :)

My name is Marijn, I'm a 19-year-old photographer and retoucher based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Started experimenting with photography and writing at the age of 11. After a short break, I decided to get back in business and I'm ready for new challenges.

W: www.marynhaertel.com
F: www.facebook.com/marynhaertel
I: www.instagram.com/marynhaertel

Alena Sazonova's picture

Hi guys! I'm a fashion, beauty and advertising photographer with a wide range of commercial and creative projects. I am based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but work worldwide. Represented by Look Artist Agency.

Stuart Smith's picture

Hi I am Stuart, based in the UK London.

I like working on Fashion portraits that tell a story. So I lean towards the fashion story and editorial side of things.

Open to collaboration and keen to improve my skills.

W: https://stuartsmithportfolio.com/
F: https://www.facebook.com/stuartsmithphotographerandfilmmaker/
I: https://www.instagram.com/rabbit_stu/
T: https://twitter.com/StuMSmith

Bianca Davila's picture

My name is Bianca Jeiselle and I am a photographer from the US in Florida. I am currently a full time student majoring in photography and I am walking myself little by little into fashion photography. Currently I am fond of shooting engagements, newborn, and beauty/fashion photography. Constructive criticism is always welcomed!

W: http://biancajeiselle.wix.com/jeiselle
F: https://www.facebook.com/Bianca-Jeiselle-Photography-167760379955214/
I: https://www.instagram.com/bianca.jeiselle/

De'Arius Franklin's picture

Hello everyone , My names De'Arius . Im a portrait & fashion photographer from Virginia.

W: www.deariusfranklin.com
I: www.instagram.com/deariusfranklin

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