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Introduce Yourself To The Group!

Welcome to the Official Fstoppers Fashion Photography group. Introduce yourself!

Let me get the ball rolling. My name is Peter House. I am a Toronto based commercial fashion photographer. I mostly work on the product and catalog side of things, but I also shoot a fair bit of editorial. I also run one of the more popular rental studios in the Toronto area; a 1500 square foot creative space that has seen some really cool personalities walk through its door. Last but not least, I am also a senior writer here at Fstoppers, and I hope you all enjoy my articles!

Don't forget to drop a link to your site and social media like this:

W: www.housethephotographer.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/pages/House-The-Photographer/103843359708687
I: https://instagram.com/peterhousephoto/
T: https://twitter.com/peterhousephoto

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Evan Kane's picture

Hello all, I'm Evan :) I am a portrait photographer from Colorado! I've been shooting for almost two years now! It's always great to see what everyone else is up to :D

I: www.instagram.com/ekanephoto
F: www.facebook.com/ekfreelance
W: www.evankanephotography.com

David J. Fulde's picture

David J. Fulde - toronto based colorist/online editor that's been taking my photography much more seriously lately, trying to break into fashion.

W: http://www.fulde.ca
I: http://www.instagram.com/DaveOverThere
F: http://www.facebook.com/DavidJFulde

Luis Herrera's picture

Hi Everyone!

My name is Luis Herrera, I have been shooting for about 4 years professionally. I am currently the in-house photographer for Billabong and also do freelance work.

Website: https://www.lherreraphoto.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lherreraphoto/

Add me on insta and I will follow back!

Banji Abioye's picture

Hello All.. My Name is Banji Abioye. I am a Nigeria Based photographer. I shoot mostly Fashion and Portraits and i'm excited to be part of this group

Hello my name is Antonio Silva. I am from Ecuador, and I am really passionate about fashion and learning. Looking forward to meet people.
My integral page is: https://www.instagram.com/antoniosilva1205/ you are welcome to check it out and I appreciate any suggestion.

Michael Lloyd's picture

Hi everyone Michael Lloyd here I own a studio in south Florida since the 90s. I am always learning something new in the genre. My website is https://.www.michaelblloyd.com I look forward to gaining new insites here.

Edwin A's picture

My Name is Edwin Alvarado. I'm photographer in New York City. I'm looking forward to sharing some m work, as well as seeing some great work from all the members in this group.
W: www.edwinalvarado.photography
F: www.facebook.com/EdwinAlvaradophotography
IG: https://instagram.com/triplebphotos

Antonio Quini's picture

Hey there.. I'm Antonio from Rome, Italy. I am a full time geologist and an amateur photographer during my spare time. Hope you will enjoy my shots (be kind!!!)

W: https://www.antnonioquini.com/
I: https://instagram.com/antonioh501

Frank Withers's picture

Hello everyone- my name is Frank Withers, I am a photographer currently based out of Turks & Caicos but will be moving soon to NYC to pursue commercial fashion and product work. Look forward to contributing and learning from the community!

Herb Ladrillo's picture

Hey! I'm Herb. Just wanted to introduce myself. Decided to reignite my old love affair with the camera not too long ago and i'm madly in love right now with portraiture.

W: http://onedogstudio.com
I: https://www.instagram.com/1dogstudio/

Hi Peter, hi guys! I'm a starter fashion photographer, from Brazil. My main job is produce photos for models agencies. My objective with this group is improve my technics and talk with guys from other countries.
W: www.filiperivelli.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/filiperivellifotografias
I: www.instagram.com/filiperivelli
T: https://twitter.com/filiperivelli

Morgan Kitchen's picture

Hello everyone. My name is Morgan Kitchen and I own Seventh Village Photography.

I am a Savannah, GA based photographer but frequently visit Toronto, hopefully moving up soon. I mostly focus on fashion/portrait photography, however, I am starting to reach into beauty, street, and swim photography as well. I've been a photographer now for about 3.5-4 years and modeling for 2.5 years. So there's still a lot I work on so that I can become great.

My site (https://seventhvillage.com) is currently down right now while I change it up, but my Instagram account is up and running at https://instagram.com/seventhvillage/

Muhammad Akram Octaviori's picture

hello, my name Akram and I'm from Indonesia, I just an amateur photographer that try to get better day to day. I hope can get much advice from here. thank you :)

Albert Pedrosa's picture

Howdy! Albert Pedrosa here. I'm a commercial photographer and very much crazy about fashion photography.
IG: albertpedrosaph

Robert Coppa's picture

hi guys
Fashion photographer based in lil' ol Canberra, Australia
Looking forward to contributing

F: facebook.com/robert.coppa
I : instagram.com/robertxc
I : instagram.com/robert.coppa
T : twritter.com/robertxc

nsfw: robertcoppa.com/wp

Hey y'all I'm Sydney! I'm currently based in Raleigh, NC. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your work!!

W: www.sydneymanuelphotography.com
F: www.facebook.com/SydneyManuelPhotography (I really don't use this much)
I: www.instagram.com/SydneyManuelPhoto

Beau Brand's picture

Hello, My name is Beau Brand and I am a commercial photographer from Oklahoma City.
I am always interested in learning new lighting techniques and seeing others concepts.

W: beaubrand.net
I: https://www.instagram.com/beauregard/
T: https://twitter.com/brandimagingokc

Wellington Guzman's picture

Hi all, I immediately created a profile in order to participate and gain from this group!
My name is Wellington, aspiring fashion/swimwear photographer. Still looking to find my style, and get a grasp on the business and retouching aspect of photography.
W: https://www.wellingtonguzman.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/wellingtonguzman.photo
I: https://www.instagram.com/wellington_miami
T: https://www.twitter.com/wellingtonjg

Anonymous's picture

Hi i m Ferenc Boloni press photographer from some years specialized on low lights conditions high ISO and shutter speed moment photography ...i create one group with ISO-mania named settings in my photography there are some photos and a weak explain about ...good luck :)

Victor Quintana's picture

Hey everyone, my names Victor and Im a fashion/lifestyle photographer. I've been a long time reader of Fstoppers, but now I am trying to get more involved. I can't wait to check out some of ya'lls work and meet other like minded creatives.


W: www.vqphotos.com
Y: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrCapxOf7Unw5UxReox46JQ
I: https://www.instagram.com/victor__quintana/

Aaron Fairooz's picture

Hey all! I just joined. I've been shooting fashion photography and video for about 9 years now. Based out of Dallas, Texas I also shoot product, jewelry and aerial videos.


Hi, I am Ganesan a semi pro fashion photographer from Jakarta.Still honing my skills and learning the post production craft. thanks Peter, looking forward to an amazing group.
posting one of my work to start

Panagiotis Lymperopoulos's picture

Hello!My name is Panagiotis a fashion photographer based in Athens - Greece.

F: https://web.facebook.com/plimper
I: https://www.instagram.com/panagiotislimperopoulos/
T: https://twitter.com/plimper1

Glad to be here!!!!

Jason Mac's picture

Hi, I just joined up to Fstoppers looking forward to viewing all the great images and content, and possibly sharing some of my own. Jason

W: https://www.jasonmaccormacphotography.com
F: http://facebook.com/jasonmaccormacphotography
I: http://instagram.com/jasonmacphoto

Hi, my name is Monika and I a new to the group. I am based in NYC, and I shoot street style fashion and editorial projects too. This is my site: www.monikapia.com, I would love comments. Any fashion photographers base in NYC?

Mantis B's picture

hi...my name is mani,i born in iran but i live in turkey now...i am a photographer and i'm new in fstoppers,i hope you guys help me here to introduce my job and be better step by step,please see my uploaded photos here and tell me your ideas
also i have an Instagram: https://instagram.com/mantis.art.productions


Hi Peter, hi everyone! Im originally from India, now living in Raleigh, North Carolina.
I have shot fashion/boudoir/commercial headshots & commercial fashion untild date, I'd like to venture editorial photography.

My work -
Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/_rohanphoto/

Im working on my website and I will update the link as soon as I get done.

Thanks and Cheers!


Rachel Hayden's picture

Hello! Still new to fashion and photography in general but looking for advice and inspiration!

instagram: @rachelhnicole

Michael Johnson's picture

Hello group from the midwest USA. I joined F-stoppers quit awhile back but just starting to add photos & join groups. I'm an amateur photog with a love for fashion, beauty & portrait photography. My hope is to network, share & maybe pickup a thing or two along the way.
W: www.mvs-imaging.smugmug.com
Not on FB or Instagram as yet, not sure the benefit.

Antoine Violleau's picture

Hi Peter, hi Folks :) My name is Antoine Violleau, I am French. I am new in the fashion photography. I also do other type of photography. I try my best to have fun and to keep improving so suggestions and critics are welcomed.
W : http://www.antoineviolleau.com/
F : https://www.facebook.com/AntoineViolleauPhotographie/
I : https://www.instagram.com/antoineviolleau/

toji tharakan's picture

Hi iam Toji Tharakan an amateur photographer would love to introduce myself as baby photographer.

Stanley L's picture

Hi, I'm Stanley, I'm an Amateur Hobbyist in portraiture. Over the past decade, I've done something on the average of 8 projects a year. I just do this for fun when I have some free time.

I suppose you can check out more of my work here:


and here:


thomas texier's picture

Hi Guys, i am Tom born french but grew up in Africa/US now based in London/Paris. I have been Snapping away for more than 10 years as a hobby now trying to take photography a bit more serious. I am here to learn and be part of a great community

I: https://www.instagram.com/tommytex2488/

Hung Le's picture

Hello, Everyone!
I'm an amateur fashion and beauty photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. I'm fairly new to it but I'm hoping to focus on editorial fashion photography.

Web: Hunglephoto.com
Inst: @hunglephoto

Hi Peter and Hello everyone, myself Paritosh and I'm a Graphic Designer. I'm living in Bangladesh and I love fashion and conceptual type of work. I have a photo editing Firm named Clipping Path Outsource Our main goal is to provide different types of digital photo editing services like Clipping path service, background removal service, image masking, photo manipulation, image retouching, vector conversion and many more services. All of these are made by our professional and highly trained graphic designers.

W: https://www.clippingpathoutsource.com
F: https://www.facebook.com/clippingpathoutsources

Ian Woodhouse's picture

Hi, my name is Ian. I shoot fashion photography in my spare time.

Check my work out on insta


Hi I am Tim a London fashion photographer...well i was up until the Virus

Anas Cherur's picture

Hey Am a Dubai based Portrait & Food Photographer, Nice to meet you all!
My website is https://www.anascherur.com


tobi olaobaju's picture

Hi guys, I'm Tim a Fashion and Beauty Photographer based in London Uk.
website https://www.timmcbaj.com/
instagram https://www.instagram.com/tim_mcbaj/