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Rocky Nook “Street Photography” Book Giveaway


Winners have been announced!


Rocky Nook is giving away two copies of their brand new book "Street Photography: The Art of Capturing the Candid Moment" by Gordon Lewis.

Read the Fstoppers review here.


One entry per person. Winners will be announced in one week with another discussion in this group, so stay tuned. If you live outside of North America, you will receive an eBook version of the book in place of a physical copy.

It won't increase your chances, but feel free to include one of your own street photography images when you comment.

Rocky Nook is also giving Fstoppers readers a 40% discount on eBook versions of “Street Photography.” Simply add the eBook to your cart and then enter the code FSTOPPERS during checkout.

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S.W. Schilke's picture

I always wonder if the label Street Photography is just a label for spontaneous unplanned picture taking. I had a discussion with a street photographer which has a aversion against zoom lenses which I do not understand (sometimes you can not as close as you need to use a fixed focal length lens).

Still I would like to win the book ;-)

Gerry McGuire's picture

It's a form of discipline which gives the photographer a closer connection to the subject matter.

Eric Hodges's picture

Interested in checking out the book!

Ryan Stanifer's picture

I'd love to check out this book

Frank Calesso's picture

I'm not sure if street photography applies to the photos I like to take. I live in a city & most of my photos are shot within the downtown core. My photos don't always include people, but most of the time my photos have people or something man made in the photo. Even when I'm out in the mountains shooting landscapes, I'll include a person in my shot if I can. I would like to learn from other photographers & this sounds like a great book to read through.

Kyle Stewart's picture

Street photography has always been something I've been interested in. This looks like the perfect book to help start shooting on the streets.

Ami Atangan's picture

I never new that there is a term to describe my photo hobby!

Anonymous's picture

Interested too !

Shafiq Rahaman's picture

Interested to see if this adds something more to the books I already have on the topic.

Anonymous's picture

As someone that is looking for ideas on how to make the most of the street shooting I do, I'd love to check out this book.

Marjorie Strother's picture

Tho sounds like a fabulous book. I am very intrigued by street photography, but haven't pursued it yet - nerves or lack of knowledge. I have the Rocky Nook guide for my Sony Nex-6 and it has been invaluable. I hope that this new title will be too.

bsfotograf's picture

the way of Bresson

Kev Morris's picture

Its a genre i'm very much involved in right now...yes it usually is spontaneous but also to get a connection with people in the street and the subject/surrounding matter is still an art. can't wait to check this book out.

Chris Nguyen's picture

Time to up the Street Photography game.

Andrew Gray's picture

I would love to win the Rocky Nook street photography guide it is subject I would like to do more of, my pictures are on www.lopham.co.uk

Steven Seighman's picture

I'm always interested in Street Photography books as tools because I feel like the candid nature of it (in most cases) means it's difficult to nail down any "rules" it might have. But seeing more and more examples helps me to understand the style and aesthetic that street photographers use to guide their choices when they're out shooting.