Im having a hard time figuring out what to get...

Right now I have a canon 7D with the crop sensor.. I am looking to upgrade to a full frame sensor.. I don't have a whole lot of money... Its a toss-up from a canon 6D or a 5d mark II.. believe me i would love a mark III but its not in the budget at this time...

Im trying to figure out noise wise what would be better.. I started to go towards astrophotography and i know i have to bump the iso to 3200 to 3500 but which one would be better noise wise

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I would just read this:
Don't feel like reading? Then just go for the 6D. I'd always go newer over older given similar sensor size and megapixel count. The 6D is newer and benefits in huge ways from that. If image quality is what you're after, it should be better -- period. Good luck!

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Phil, I was in the same place. I went with the 6D VS the 5DmkII. No regrets!

I read the article.. I did order the 6D.. I should have it tuesday.. Ian sure I will be pleased with it..

I finally decided to give my 5D bodies a break, and actually use my 6D. It's been a great camera so far, and I can't fault it. For my needs, I don't see any advantage to spending more on the 5D MK 2 or 3. Save your money for glass.