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I would love some Critique

Hi guys this is my first post in the group, not really sure how it works, but I would love some critique or feedback on a photo.
any thoughts on this photo are welcome.

thanks in advanced.

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What a great scene, perfectly exposed and with an ideal colour set. I find the tree at the left a distraction. As I often do, I miss a subject, a person, an event or activity within the scene. As I have said before, John Constable had his Hay Wain and canal lock activity and JWM Turner liked trains and ships, it matters not what kind of subject; an animal, waterfall, Kingfisher diving into a river, recling nude, base jumper, just something to add purpose to the photograph. I guess not all landscapes need a "subject" as I call it, but many do. A ship or yaught just off the beech would be an obvious example for this scene or a seaplane bursting through the clouds. Now I accept that these things rarely just happen when you find a great scape and the light is wonderful and you just happen to be passing, on top of a tropical island mountain. But who said great photography is easy. It is not and that is why only a very few photographs are great. This is very nice and has been well shot. I might have prefered a view point to the right, if possible, so as to crop out the tree on the left and to see further down into the valley and more beech. But that may not have been possible, I can't say. Nice photo, well done.

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thanks Ian, it was pouring rain and super dense fog. I was really surprised that I was able to get this decent of a shot. I really appreciate the feedback you brought up some great points. especially about the cropping.

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First off...Thanks for sharing your image. The colors are spectacular. I am agreeing with Ian about the tree to the left. I'd probably crop it rather than clone it out (as then the brightest sky would be at the left edge). When I factor that tree out my eye goes to and studies the ridges of the mountains going down to the sea. I think they could be your subject. I think you could brighten up that hillside to make it pop a bit more. The light direction would work.
Congrats and thanks,

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thank you Michael, I really appreciate it. I am definitely going to try the cropping and making those mountains pop as a subject. you feedback is very helpful.

nice shot. Love the colours, vibrancy and drama of the clouds. I kind of agree with Ian regarding the tree on the left too, but otherwise a decent photo.

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Great shot, maybe needs a little crop on the left and the purple is interesting but a bit exaggerated, at least on my monitor

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thanks. maybe i should tone the purple down a little bit.