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A short note on CC in this group

Hey y'all,

First off I want to say everyone that is participating in this group is doing an awesome job with making this a great community to share landscape/nature images and ask questions.

One concern that was brought to my attention is that while we see a lot of posts asking for CC on their images here, it doesn't necessarily mean that every time someone posts they are looking for CC. Many of you looking for CC are already explicitly asking for it, and that's perfect. If you are commenting on someone's photo and they haven't stated they are looking for feedback, I think we should either ask if they are interested in your opinion first or focus your comment on something else. If you are posting a photo, just be clear if you want CC (again, most of you already do this).

People enjoy sharing their photos here for a number of reasons, whether that be to better work an image with constructive feedback or simply just being excited on a shot and wanting to show it off. To keep this community as open as possible for people to share their work, let's just keep this in mind. Thanks everyone!

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Mikkel Beiter's picture

Great post Ryan!
I havn't really been thinking about this, but I will from now on :-)

Is this just your opinion? Because I didn't ask for it. ;)

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Well said, Ryan. Thanks for reminding everyone. :)