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Marshall's Beach at Sunset

On this evening I was out practicing my seascapes and my ability to run from large waves. There would be a few minutes of small waves followed by three to five large waves that would send me running back up onto the rocks to avoid having my camera swapped.

I had my tripod set up low and wide and would jam into the sand has the water rushed back out. Once it was firmly planted I would quickly recompose my shot and fire away until the next large wave came rushing in.

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Can't think of a better way to spend an evening

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I completely agree!

I really like this and it's amazing how the thirds composition works so well.
I hope your gear all survived... :-)

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Thanks so much! All the gear survived to shoot another day :)

Great pic. Next time set up a second camera to film video of you running in and out. Score it to Yaketty Sax.

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Thanks! I definitely need to set up another camera some time. It would probably be pretty entertaining. Here's a behind the scenes photo another photograph I met that night captured: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1x0M13Rzo8XoPbrymzezJ2Q5y2Nh5kr87/view?u...

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Did you use any ND filters? Great image.

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Thank you! I believe I had on a circular polarizer and 0.9 soft grad. I may have had on a 3-stop ND but I can't remember now. I know I had the 3-stop on at one point that evening...

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Great shot

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Thanks! I feel the same way :)

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I'd hang this on my living room wall above my couch.

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Thanks so much! That could be arranged ;-) I definitely plan to print this one in the near future.

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Great capture! I was in that same spot a couple of years ago. Made the mistake of putting my sunglasses down on a rock while I looked for my composition. 5 minutes later, the sea had claimed them.