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Mars, Devil's Tower, and the Milky Way

This composite image consists of 11 sky at ISO 6400, f2.8, 15mm, 15 seconds each. The ground was a single image at ISO 3200, f2.8, 15mm, 30 seconds. The sky was stacked in Starry Landscape Stacker and I composited in Photoshop. Adjustments to exposure, curves, and saturation were also made. Merging the composite is always a challenge getting the transition correct.

Let me know what you think?


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Nice shot

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So I'm trying to figure out how these star captures work and I don't know if I'm using a bad setup I'm using a d3300 with the lens it came with is this just past my cameras ability

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Hi Joseph,

I'm not familiar with the d3300. I suspect the kit lens is the 18-55mm with f3.5 at the widest. If you can shoot at f3.5 at ISO 6400 or 8000 for 15-20 seconds you should be able to capture the Milky Way. A solid tripod helps. Turn off any VR control on the camera or lens. And finally, really dark skies help.


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love this shot