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our first snow of the year ....and its still fall

so kids got out early wife got home early ...so of course i went and shot a few not happy with the overall shots but more capturing the first snow and learning the difficulties of working in bad weather ...like wet lenses fogging and keeping things dry

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Diane Marie's picture

The colors are gorgeous!

Jordan McChesney's picture

With some luck you can get some nice intimate landscapes of the leaves resting in the untouched snow.
New weather conditions open up new photo opportunities!

Mark Guinn's picture

Both photos are really nice, but the 2nd is definitely my favorite. Something about the bright colors of the leaves and their reflection on the water is really beautiful. I'm hoping for snow like that this year!

Fogged up lenses can be a nightmare, especially is you're on a time crunch! I live in the South where excessive humidity is a way of life, so I know the struggle. lol! Through trial and error (actually, just a lot of error), I've learned to open my camera bag and expose the lenses while I'm driving with at least one nearby window down. It gives your lenses a little extra time to acclimate to the outside conditions.

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Image 1: B+
Image 2: D-

David Russell's picture

Nice work Joseph, always worth going out :)

Snowy woods can be tricky to work with so it's great to use little streams like this. If you get some nice bright direct light coming through onto the water they can really help to bounce light around and brighten up the scene.

I prefer the first but I think it could do with being brightened up a bit.

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thanks David i was thinking the same thing funny thing is I'm used to making dark moody pictures ....but its snow soooo I'm out of my element haha

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snow is hard and plays tricks with the history. You might want to stack.

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I thought stacking only worked for clarity on a short focal distance how does it affect snow

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Exposure stacking one for the snow one for the water and perhaps one for the land.

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ahhhh i see what you mean that makes sense

Paul Sokal's picture

Remember your camera meter aims for a neutral gray so it turns your snow from white to gray. With a lot of white in your image you will need to go positive with your exp comp...if you want white snow.

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thank you Paul i wasn't sure if i had to do something in camera before hand i tried to bring it back in post. great tip i will work on it during the next snow. much appreciated and thanks for the info