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Downstream I

As a dramatic sunrise at location A wasn't going to happen I proceeded to location B and shot some water in a familiar spot.

Again, I settled on shooting at least 3 images - I've failed before. Not this time, however. I spent around 4 hours at this very spot in the creek and worked hard to get some interesting angles. Every now and then there was an opening in the cloud cover and the sun peeked through.

It made all the difference.

Stacking this image was a nightmare, not only because of the droplets I had to constantly wipe off the filter but also because the dynamic range here is massive.

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Jordan McChesney's picture

Nice work, that's a keeper, for sure!

Alan Brown's picture

Great image Thorsten. You really got the exposure for the flow spot on, and I love the depth in this image.

I hear you on the spray issue while stacking - I have had a similar issue when shooting during falling snow. After frustrating failures I quickly learnt to take multiple images at each focal length to mitigate against the possibility of flakes captured in front of the lens.

Thanks Alan and I agree on the multiple shots technique, I took 3 for each distance and I was confident of having dodged them blurry spots, but back at home I realized that some still found their way in. But it did work better, no doubts there.

Walker Lambert's picture

Great! I love the way the shape of the waterfall, the lines of the trees, and the line of sky create a very vertical feel to the photo.