Shadows and Dust

Not exactly sure what/how this thing is here on the beach. It looks like some sort of driftwood that somehow put roots down in the sand. I happened to be there at the right time to catch this really cool shadow. I am newish to photoshop and starting to work it more into my workflow instead of just lightroom. Any feedback would be welcomed.

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Walker Lambert's picture

Super cool subject. I love the Shadow and minimalistic composition. I would have tried to remove that light flare to the left of the thing (dont really know what to call it lol). Maybe an increase in saturation of the sand colors as well.

Thanks! Yeah I’m not sure I’m done editing it. I initially did remove the light flare but then decided that I liked it 😉. I do think the sky could use a little boost.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Agree with you both! I think shooting into the light has created a bit much flare generally, as it will, giving a somewhat washed-out look. Some "God-beams" in the sky are barely visible in your image as it stands

Here's my quick edit, mainly emphasising the quiet drama of the scene. I've also made the shadow at centre stop short of the image's edge, so the whole plant-&-shadow are contained within the frame.

Just my take. Curious at reaction to it.

Alan Brown's picture

I like the placement o the subject n the frame and the nice lead-in created by the shadow. The textured ripples in the foreground sand provides interest.
A few things to try;
1) I was immediately distracted by the lens flare (before reading other comments). I see that you like it (that's your prerogative) but be aware that others may not feel the same.
2) The area behind the subject and clouds are very bright - I would try toning down the highlight/whites.
3) I'm on board with Chris's edit, but am wondering if the sand might be better desaturated a little. The image feels a little heavy at the bottom to me - my eye seems to be glues to the foreground/shadow. Just something to try if not already, I'd be curious to see the impact.

I did like the lens flare at first but now seeing it without it I think I like it better. I agree with you that the sand is a little too saturated in Chris's edit. I've been toying with it during downtime at work in lightroom mobile which isn't ideal. I'm gonna toy around with it some more when I get home. Thanks for the comments.

Alan Brown's picture

I think Chris's works with a more saturated/darker sky but would interested to see a less saturated option.
You could also try a slight vignette to force the eyes into the frame.

This is what I came up with messing around with LR mobile on my phone.

Ok, so I've taken all of your advice and revisited this photo. And came up with this. I think this is going to be the final product.