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Phase One IQ140 Kit, 645DF+ Camera, IQ140 DB, 80mm Lens


I'd like to sell my Phase One IQ140 Kit (VERY AFFORDABLE PRICE) which includes the following:

- Phase One IQ140 Digital Back
- Phase One 645DF+ Camera Body
- 80mm SK Leaf Shutter Lens
- 3 x Digital Back Batteries and 1 x Charger
- 1 x 645DF+ Camera Battery and 1 x Charger
- FireWire 800 Cable
- USB 3 Cable
- Sensor Cleaning Kit
- International Outlet Adaptors
- Boxes

The kit is in an excellent condition. Shutter Count is 15,190 only.

Please let me know if anybody interested


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Paul Sokal's picture

Why are you selling it and what's the very affordable price?

Farhad Farajov's picture

Hi Paul,
I've closed my studio due to financial issues, therefore, selling all of my high end gear. It is almost 1 year that I've placed my IQ140 on ebay, however, couldn't managed to sell it. My initial selling price was 8500$, people offered 6300$, 5500$ and 5000$, but I didn't sell, since I believed that offers were below it's actual value. I bought IQ140 for 19,000$.
But as time passed I realized that the value of my kit is getting reduced, since new affordable medium format cameras are released.
Now it is on ebay at 5900$ (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Phase-One-IQ140-645DF-Medium-Format-Camera-80mm...), but if you are really interested, I can offer it at 4500$.

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Thanks. I'm personally not interested but maybe some friends. I'll let them know. Sorry you had to close your studio.

Hi friend, Is this one still available ?