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Kyle Foreman's picture

Blue Hour might be my Favorite Hour

More and more I find that my favorite photos from a session are coming from blue hour. I still love golden hour and sunsets but there is something about that last bit of light after the sun has gone down mixed with the beginnings of the night sky that I just love. Whats your favorite hour?

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William Hunter's picture

I am leaning more towards Blue Hour since I now have the equipment to properly capture the moment. Oh, by the way nice shot. Love the perspective.

Willy Williams's picture

Must admit that I'm smitten with the blue hour. Your composition is terrific, but I wish that you'd moved a bit to your left to eliminate the tire track. That said, it's still a beautiful shot.

Kyle Foreman's picture

Thank you!. Yeah to be honest I didn't even really notice the tire track or I would have moved. It was dark enough when I took the picture that I couldn't really tell what the sand looked like anyway.

Brian Jones's picture

The blue hour is my happy hour. Nice image and use of the ripples in the sand 👍

Mike Palmer's picture

Nice shot and I like the perspective leading the eye to the end of the pier 👍. Similar comment about the tyre mark. For me, the sky is a little too saturated,but I fully recognise this might be your preference/style 😊

C.O. Shea's picture

Yup. Have to join the Blue Side. With my trusty tripod and remote shutter release... blue hour is full of interesting perspective.

Killer great image, Kyle. Composition is spot on (tire track not withstanding). :)