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A Break in the Rain

Took a trip to the North Carolina coast this weekend to visit some family. It rained almost the entire time I was there. However, it did stop just long enough for some light to peak through. Love the colors of a sunset right after a storm.

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Bruce Grant's picture

This is so beautiful and serene. The colors are very calming.

Kyle Foreman's picture

Thank you! The colors really were amazing. All I had to do was find a good composition.

Chris Jablonski's picture

Hi Kyle! Very pleasant, calm theme and beautiful colours as you suggest.

Since you are posting for discussion, and presumably CC, I find that the near-symmetrical disposition of the landing platform and the poles makes the composition just a little stilted for me, and a bit at odds with the more flowing background.

I don't know what option you had to move or change focal length (you seem to have been at the wide end of your zoom), but I might have e.g. hoped to include more to the right, with the landing smaller in the frame and further left.

Kyle Foreman's picture

Hi Chris,

Thanks for comments as always. I was struggling to find a good composition for this. My main focus was getting the good part of the sky because it was looking amazing. I didn't have a lot of options. I was standing on a dock that's only about 3 feet wide so not a lot of room to move. I tried a couple shots with the main dock more to the left in the frame because, I too wish that the little ramp part wasn't in it, but it just looked better to me centered in the frame. Although it's not quite centered so I probably could've moved it a little more left in the frame and it would help some. I agree though, it would look so much better if that ramp down to the dock was gone! I could possibly photoshop it out but that seems like it would be a lot of work.

John Pless's picture

beautiful shot, i too would have liked to see less of the foreground dock. but short of standing on it I am not sure how you could have done that.