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Why people seem to dislike this photo?

Hello everyone,

I shot this picture a couple of days ago and edited it carefully (light, twigs that hung into the frame, and many other details). In my opinion it's a good photo and I don't know how to improve it but at 500px it got less likes than I expected. Not that I care much about those likes but the low number could be an indicator that something is wrong with the picture. Do you know what it could be?

Thank you, Kandid

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Peter Dyndiuk's picture

I think its a fine image; but if it were me, I would consider cropping out the foreground - in this instance the foreground only serves as a distraction.

Matthew Lacy's picture

I definitely agree. I think a 4:5 ratio would look good on it.

Kandid Letters's picture

Something like this? I like it. Thank you.

Frank Davis's picture

There's nothing wrong with it, It's a nice picture. I agree that a crop would help, removing the rock in the foreground and just a little or the right side to have the castle offset and facing into more open space. Also, it gives the appearance that the light is shining on the castle. If the castle could be brightened without losing detail and warm the color temperature a little without warming the rest of the photo, I think it would make the castle pop!

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Thank's for your tips. I applied them subtly. What do you think now? Would you have brightened and warmed it more?

Frank Davis's picture

Yes! This is much more visually pleasing, and the eye is now drawn to the castle. It I still believe it could take a little more brightening and warmth but not much more. You've done an impressive job of applying the changes subtly!

Mark Guinn's picture

Excellent! Just my personal opinion, this crop is great. In the original image, the foreground and rock were distracting too much from the castle... Now my eyes go straight to the castle and I'm focused more on all of the small details.

John Pless's picture

the last edit is a huge improvement over the first picture you posted

Kandid Letters's picture

So, we jointly improved an alright photo to a good photo. Thank you all.

Frank Davis's picture

Happy to help! Please keep in mind others may have different suggestions as to how to edit. I'd be interested to hear what the reactions are if you repost after the edit.

Scott Murphy's picture

I guess I have to ask "why do you care if you don't get the number of likes you expected"? Most of those forums are popularity contests anyway and more than aptly populated by people who are at best HACKS at photography whose lives revolve around posting photos on Instagram, 500px or any of the myriad number of social media sites out of some need for approval they are not getting elsewhere. I used to post to YouPic too but dumped my account about 6 months ago when it just started becoming a sea of mediocrity seemingly aimed at getting likes. Evaluate YOUR motives for posting there. Are you just posting just to get likes or are you posting there because you love photography and want to share your images with people? I am guessing you fall firmly into the second category instead of the first.

It is a fine image and I would not edit it at all. The foreground works just fine. The rock that comes to a point begins a leading line that points right to the castle.

Tim van der Leeuw's picture

I actually agree with others who suggested to crop the rock out; to me, the crests of the waves already for a leading line towards the castle that is much more subtle but more effective.
The rock, and the dark foreground in general, are distracting the eye rather than forming a harmony with it.

Perhaps if the rocks in the foreground were slightly brighter, to be more in harmony with the rocks on which the castle stands?

Edit: well looking at both versions again a 3d time, both are fine, both have a different impact.
The rocks in the foreground add a bit of extra tension. That does distract the eye, but also makes the photo less boring.
It is perhaps a tad too dark however, does dominating a bit too much?