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Rocky Nook “The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography” Book Giveaway


Winners have been announced!


Rocky Nook is giving away two copies of their brand new book, "The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography" by Gordon Lewis.

Read the Fstoppers review here.


One entry per person. Winners will be announced in one week with another discussion in this group, so stay tuned. If you live outside of North America, you will receive an eBook version of the book in place of a physical copy.

It won't increase your chances, but feel free to include one of your own landscape photography images when you comment.

Rocky Nook is also giving Fstoppers readers a 40% discount on eBook versions of “The Art, Science, and Craft of Great Landscape Photography” by Glenn Randall and the previously reviewed “Street Photography” by Gordon Lewis. Simply add “Great Landscape Photography” and/or “Street Photography” to your cart and then enter the code FSTOPPERS during checkout.

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David Jenkins's picture

Looks like a great book, would love to win, here's one of my pictures

Anonymous's picture

I'm considering doing more landscape photography this year and would love to check this book out!

Rob Lara's picture

Would love to win this book, looks like a great read! Here's one of my shot's I took near Big Sur, CA a few weeks ago.

Wenjie Qiao's picture

I would love to win this book. As the author of the mobile app called "PlanIt! for Photographers", I understood how important it is to plan ahead to have a better chance of getting great landscape photos. This book will definitely enrich my knowledge in the area and eventually I hope my app can help people creating even better landscape photos. (Never mind the drawing, I bought the book as I am too eager to read it :-)

Alexis Dubois's picture

The kind of book that must be on each landscape photographer's bookcase!

Thomas Busby's picture

Joining the trend I will also post one of my images in the hopes of winning this fantastic looking book.

Len Villano's picture

Wow, looks like an awesome book! I own other Rocky Nook books and they are great so I am sure this one would not disappoint. I want one. Please!

Randal Jaffe's picture

Sounds like a great book. Would really enjoy winning.

Sky Neary's picture

Would be awesome to win the book, always interesting in learning more about it! Here is a shot of mine when I was hiking in the alps.

Adam Collins's picture

Would love to win a copy of this book!

John Bradford's picture

Thanks for offering a chance to win what appears to be a most informative book.

Ed Rhodes's picture

Looks like an amazing read! Thanks for pointing this out!

Brett Bartlett's picture

This book looks like a great book. I have been looking into getting into more landscape. Gonna have to start reading. Thx for the share.

Rogan Templer's picture

Everyone below has hit the nail on the head as did your review - seems like a book that will go that bit further in de-constructing the genre we love and working over the finer points that can often be neglected - would love to read it in depth - fingers crossed!

nicolas Thommen's picture

This book looks awesome. I'd love to read and learn from it.

David Basden's picture

I could SO USE THIS BOOK! My life dream is visiting beautiful places...my excuse is photography! ;)

Brian Burrow's picture

Great plug by Ryan Mense. Looking forward to reading the book.

Furkan Balikci's picture

Nice book