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May 2015 Fstoppers Contest

This thread is the official thread for the May 2015 Fstoppers Contest ending on June 1st.  In order to enter a chance to win 3 Fstoppers Flash Discs OR a tutorial from the Fstoppers Store, submit your best Landscape related photograph below.  All Entries must be made before 11:59 EDST on May 31st to be eligible.  

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Coogee Beach

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Sneaking a peak at the 3 Sisters whilst bush walking, NSW, Australia

Painted Hills in Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Egrets at Alcatraz

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I'd love to get the new Elia Locardi tutorial when it comes out...


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My submission, taken on Memorial Day while hiking the Georgia Mountains. Would be a tough choice to select just one out of all those great tutorials

Andre Miranda's picture

Ibitipoca, Brazil

Andre Miranda's picture

Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil

Andre Miranda's picture

Chapada Diamantina, Bahia, Brazil
Illegal forest fire scene

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Ibitipoca, MG, Brazil

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We were supposed to take an architectural tour of Chicago via the river, but the water was too high for our boat to navigate the bridges. So we instead toured the Windy City via Lake Michigan. And this was the view. Basic editing in LR5.

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My entry for the contest.

Mount Titlis - Engelberg, Switzerland

This photo was taken in a short trip to Switzerland a couple of weeks ago.. What an amazing Landscape! I totally love it...

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My favorite sprout.

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Cape Breton Highlands National Park

Tom McGehee's picture

Farm Overlooking The Sea - Cape Breton Nova Scotia

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Sand Beach - Acadia National Park

Tom McGehee's picture

Autumn At Acadia National Park

Reflective golf course

sunrise through the trees

Brian Gibson's picture

Spent an afternoon at Benson Marina in Utah, photographing the water and surrounding scenery. I found some leaves and started photographing them in the water. As the sun set, I was able to capture the reflection behind a lone leaf as if it were the sun riding on a leaf boat.

Brian Gibson's picture

Another favorite of mine. These are posts from an old dock in the Great Salt Lake, near the Spiral Jetty. Some friends and I went out to photograph the Jetty, and I captured this one just as twilight was setting in. Over saturated in Photoshop, the colors really popped and creates a fun atmosphere.

Brian Gibson's picture

Some raindrops I shot one afternoon playing with my 50mm just after the storm finished. I love the shallow depth of this one.

Brian Gibson's picture

This is part of the old Tintic Reduction Mill just outside of Santaquin, Utah. I spent the afternoon one day photographing here and captured various exposures for compositing. This shot is made of 3 different exposures - one of the mountains in the background, one for the ruins, and one for the shadows.

Justin Goodson's picture

Beginning of civil dawn in Riviera Maya, Mexico. By this time beach security had stopped following me around -- I guess they were convinced my camera wasn't a weapon and I really was just taking pictures. Ironically, the same sun that created this beautiful silhouette gave me second-degree burns a few days earlier. Basic editing in LR5.

I hope I can compete at least a little with all the nice photos posted..

Puffins. On a trip to Iceland.

Scenery in Iceland.

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Taken at dusk, this photo features the St. Louis Temple flanked by lighted trees and illuminated by the evening sky reflected in the winter snow. I sat in a pile of ice to get this image, quite literally freezing my rear end off! The scene really looked like this -- only basic exposure editing in LR5.

'Let It In' Kiama, NSW - Australia

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Ready To Fly

Trey Amick's picture

Gettysburg Battlefield: Looking Down Range

Adam Collins's picture

South Rim Panorama | Plateau Point Trail | Grand Canyon National Park

Taken just after sunrise. Three image panorama.

A Guiding Light - Portland Head Light, Cape Elizabeth, Maine

A Spring of Sakura - Heian Shrine, Kyoto, Japan

A Painted Fall Canvas - Denver, CO

John Verner's picture

A couple of images from the beautiful Acadia coastline!