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Introduce yourself & share your travel photography links

Welcome to the Travel Photography group!

Introduce yourself here and share some of your work. I'll get it started.

I'm an American travel photographer originally from Detroit, USA. I'm currently based in South Africa shooting for the tourism industry and building my Stocksy portfolio.

You can find me here:




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Just joined.

I'm an author and avid nature and travel photographer based in the New York area.

Portfolio: http://photography.jm-hoffman.com

Here are two shots of my recent accidental visit to China (http://photography.jm-hoffman.com/Guangzhou-China-2016.html), from a jade market and a Buddhist temple.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Olivier Van-Den-Abeele ... VDA it's easier. I am french and i live in London. I'm a senior creative in Advertising and I always liked photography because we can capture emotions with a man-made product. This is fascinating. I love to travel in my street as in another country, to meet others cultures or see incredible stuff. I like landscapes, architecture, cars... but I prefer travel and cultural documentary photography. I would love to travel more around the world taking pictures, but it's hard to conciliate with a job and with no sponsor. Perhaps one day... because today I regret spending more time in meeting than actually creating. Have a nice trip.

Pictures : North of France / Paris / Rajasthan

Hello All!

My name is Izzy from the states and I've recentry discovered my passion for photography! I'm looking to make a new career of it. I have a website in the works and can currently be found on smugmug link below. I am very much looking forward to learning so much from this community and gaining the feedback I need to drive my skills.


Many Thanks!

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Hey guys, I am a german, living in Brazil right now and spent the past 5 years in China! I love travelling, especially in Asia it was sensational, and I joined this group because I also wanna make more out of my photos! I take this as a first step, so sorry for not having such a wide portfolio as many other guys here ;) Thanks for the community and best luck to all of us!!

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Hello y'all

My name is Jaims, pronounced James. The Irish are usually drunk when they name their kids. I am a southern boy living up north and loving it. I have always had a lust for travel and thanks to a good friend of mine I now have a passion for photography. I look forward to learning from y'all and seeing your work.

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Hi my name is Derreem i'm from Trinidad & Tobago i've been doing photography 5 years now, i;m interested in doing travel photography hope i can get some incite and some advice from this group on how to, anyways here is one of my favorite shots

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/DDS-Photography-197962816905514/
500ps: https://500px.com/dereem

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Hi Everyone, Bernard here. I'm a South African photographer with a passion for the outdoors and exploring new places. Here's a shot of a banana framer from a recent trip to Uganda. I used to specialise in landscape photography but have recently started taking more travel portraits. Hope I'm living up to the high standards here at Fstoppers. I'm busy uploading more travel photographs on my Fstoppers profile. You can view more of my photos on www.instagram.com/thebernard & www.instagram.com/tonowhereandback

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Hi all,
I'm a high school student based in Toronto with a passion for creating dramatic travel imagery. I currently shoot travel photography as a hobby, but am pursuing a digital nomad lifestyle and am working to eventually go professional.

You can view my work here:
Website: www.ethanchinphotography.com
IG: www.instagram.com/lostnotstranded

Thanks guys!

Hi everyone. I'm Allison. I've been reading fstoppers for a while, but I'm just now join. I'm based in DFW. I'm looking for feedback from others to help me grow in photography.

This is a picture that took outside Colby, CO while I was on a road trip with my aunt recently.

Portfolio: http://luckytictac.photoshelter.com/index

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Hi all, I'm a travel photographer from Finland. Love to explore the world. So far been to around 45 countries but unfortunately didn't have the same photography skills when I started traveling. So have to visit all the places again :)

You can find my pics from:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/janiuljas/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/janiuljasphoto/
500px: https://500px.com/janiuljas/

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Hello Peeps
I am an Indian Travel Photographer with the focus on traditional lifestyle and culture. I love traveling to villages and exploring their simple life.

You can find me here:

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Hi Nick Rains here, from Australia. This is Brisbane, where I live, pre-dawn under a blanket of winter fog.
Sony A7Mk2, Leica 90mm Summicron.

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I spent a week wandering around Havana with a medium format roll film camera. The results of "See See Havana", can be seen at www.efn.org/~hkrieger/cuba.htm

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Hi there! I'm a British teacher of literature based in Dubai. I took up photography to record my travels but now I travel in order to take photographs. Currently doing a Master's degree in photography so looking to move things to the next level.

These were taken not far from my apartment, though I do sometimes go even further!


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I'm from California but have been living in Bolivia for the past 7 years. I travel frequently to other countries and mostly shoot stock images.


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Hi there, I'm a UK based photographer with a passion for travel and trying to capture those slices of history, in the places where I lay my proverbial hat. I love most types of photography but recording my travels has always been an essential part of any trip. I will have an updated website coming in the New Year where hopefully I'll blow the dust off some worthy images, blend with some new and all under one roof in a shiny new home.
IG:: Photobydarcy1

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Hey everyone I'm new here and very happy to find this community it has so much information on everything!
My name is Will and I'm a carpenter who wants to be a photographer. I try and travel as much as i can and I'm trying to capture as much of my surroundings as possible.


This is a pic from Thailand in a town called Mae Sot. As beautiful as Thailand is it breaks my heart to see how many sick dogs there are here, this is one in a local market.

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hi.. I am hobbyist photographer who loves travelling. Check my photographs here & it will be great if you provide your honest feedback for them.

Hey guys! My name is Houston otherwise known as the colour blind fotographer :) I love to travel and photography, as well as landscape and nature! Based in Australia but soon to be travelling around Peru :) You can find me on instagram @thecolourblindfotographer

Hello Everyone!
New to group and the travel photography community. I'm from the small city of Delano, CA USA who always enjoyed traveling and photography so finally going to try and combine the two. Anyone have any tips on how to start finding work in this field? I am already starting to plan a trip to Europe this september.

This is a photo I shot about 2 Years ago in Rome. Its one of my favorite.

You can find me here:

IG: https://instagram.com/erikh29
EyeEm: https://www.eyeem.com/u/erikhernandez29

Follow for Follow :)

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Hi all, I am an Israeli former graphic designer. I am currently based in north Thailand building my travel photography portfolio as photography been a huge passion of mine for many years.

you can find me here:



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Hello, everyone!
My name is Andrei Mihalache, I was born in Romania and currently living in Mexico's Riviera Maya.
I'm not really a travel photographer, I do mainly weddings and portraits. But I do travel a lot :-)
I am interested in learning more about what other people shoot when they travel, as I seem to block if I don't have a person to photograph.
The first image I took a couple months back in Hainan, Yalong Bay Rainforest Park, the second in Houhai Bay, Hainan - China.
All the best!

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Buenos días! I've been a Santa Barbara based wedding photographer for the last 8 years - but travel, nature and landscape photography are the reasons that I ever picked up a camera in the first place. Currently working on shifting the balance to be more in favor of travel assignments, print photography, and any other opportunity that allows me to travel and meet new people, get to know new cultures and shoot everything I see along the way.


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Hi ! Somewhere in Japan lives a photographer that share his memories of the country he's been living for the past 2 decades . That's myself in a few words .

That's a photo taken at the sacred Itsukushima island . Komainu at Itsukushima Shrine .

Hi guys! I am a 15 year old photographer just trying my best! I've done a little bit of travel photography. These photos were from my trip to Prague last summer.


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Hello All, I am Greg Thomason, a headshot and portrait photographer in the Nashville, TN area. I enjoy taking my portrait experience on the road and exploring different cultures. I look forward to following some of you as you take your adventures.

You can find my work at: https://www.gregthomason.com

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Kia ora everyone, my profession is teacher and my passion is photography. I like to shoot anything and everything. I currently live in Auckland, New Zealand. This shot is taken in Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand.

You can see some more of my shots here:

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Hi. I live in Australia but heading off next month to Hawaii and Canada. I am hoping to make some connections there to organise some tours and do some travel photography. If you have anyone you would think may be interested, then please contact me.

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Hi! I live in Atlanta and travel as much as possible. I’m headed to Amsterdam next month and Spain/Barcelona a bit after.
My IG for travel (and food) is ByForkorByLens and my more “artsy” travel and landscape is under RaffaLuce.

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Howdy all. I'm new to Fstoppers, and new to this group. I just started becoming serious about photography in February, but I'm taking many many online courses, and practicing as much as I can. I mostly have done landscapes, but I'm just starting to dip my toe into portraits and travel. My main IG username is @knaveoptimism, but I now have @knaveports for my portraits. I also have a gallery at SmugMug:


I'm here looking for as much constructive criticism as I can get so I can improve.

I recently got back from a trip to Eastern Europe. Here's a picture I took from one of my favorite castles in Romania.

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I am a digital tech nomad who loves the exploration of my environment as a street photographer and I never tired of doing this as it gives me so much joy and pleasure because of the unrehearsed nature of the people on the street. It is lovely doing this.

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Hi guys!
I'm a dutch based photographer!

This is shot at Ronda, Spain.


Hi, I work for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award in India. Looking forward to sharing and learning. Best wishes

Hi I have uploaded some photos from my travels onto my site and wondered if you would be interested to take a look https://ktomlinson.co.uk/landscapes-1

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Hello everyone, i'm Fraser a Las Vegas based photographer who loves to travel the globe and photograph its beauty. Here's a recent photo I took on my trip to Dubai.

As a travel Photog I find using an IPhone can and will enhance your travel photos as this interview explains. Enjoy and feed back is appreciated. Malcolm

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Hi everyone! I'm a web developer and I travel often due to work. I've been in I shoot for fun and you can find me on


Here's one photo I made while traveling through the north of Argentina. Cheers!

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Hi 👋, I’m a construction worker from Kansas but I live for the moment I’m off and can picture places around me. I’m saving to go on a trip and start a photography blog that would interest people based on really fun and interesting places. Here’s a photo. I like everyday street photos.

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Hi all !!

I am Eric and love to travel.
My background is not different than yours ..

B.S. Photo Science - Rochester Institute of Technology

Microelectronics Photo Mask Engineering Manager (Retired)

Director Photo Image Creations


Note : Photo Mask is the second major step in semiconductor fabrication and that is what brings all those electronic gizmos we all love. This made Digital Photo a reality !

In 30 years .. We went from Analog to Digital to Phase Shift and pioneered Next Generation methods like EUV.

Technical Photography Rocks !!


Now I have returned to travel artistic photo.
Please come on over and make it Personal ..

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Hi there! I am from California and my wife and I have traveled all around the world for work and fun. Recently we've been posting images from our trips around the world on our blog here:


I can also be found here:


This is a shot of Yosemite Falls, one of our frequented spots.

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Hi! I am a hunter and touristic blogger from Belarus. Now travelling and live in the USA and continue to develop my blog about the Arabic Emirates - https://oae-tut.ru