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Best Bag/Backpack or Case for Destination Wedding

I am currently searching for the most efficient bag, case or backpack to store my equipment for a destination wedding. I am not looking to spend more than $250 and I would prefer a rolling bag/case/backpack.

What do you use? How long has it lasted? How much of your equipment does it fit?

I am all ears!

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Hi Zyaire,whenever I have done destination weddings within Australia,I have taken Minimum gear on board with me in the plane as I don't trust my gear to baggage handlers etc. It is amazing how much we don't need to photograph a wedding. Maybe if you need other stuff when you arrive you can borrow or rent.On a long trip to Western Australia from South Australia(2000+ miles) we have hired a van and taken whatever I needed with me.A long road trip adventure! I am retired from weddings now but I use standard type camera carry bags or I have used just smaller travel cases with wheels and handle and packed with foam rubber to my dimensions.A similar hard case with custom made inserts is also a good idea.Cheers Geoff Thompson

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Thanks a lot Geoff

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It's a little out of your price range, but I'd really consider a Think Tank Airport Security or Roller Derby. I have owned both, but can't complain a bit about them. That said, I've also pulled off the "ultra light" packing method for some traveling and It's worked fine. https://fstoppers.com/business/flying-gear-tow-risky-journey-and-doesnt-...