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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Textile Backdrops in Your Photography

Here are five tips that save you money and get you high-quality backdrops. This is important because you must stand out as a successful photographer, and we all know that blending into the crowd isn't exactly the best way to book clients.

Here are five reasons why I think purchasing textile backdrops is better than paper. Although, I still use paper backdrops when it's appropriate.

Originality Is Important

When you buy seamless paper backdrops, you'll get the same look as every other photographer. When you rent a photo studio with the same backdrops (even if not paper), you'll get the same type of images as the other photographers in your market. Textile backdrops give you an edge and more flexibility with the creativity.

Cost Is Key

I can save money by investing in textile photo backdrops because they are seasonal. I can purchase backdrops after a holiday and save a lot of money. For example, green backdrops are cheaper in January instead of early December before the Christmas holiday. You can save them and use them later. Paper will mostly stay the same cost year-round and once you step on paper, it's done. Cut the roll and use a new segment, which adds to the cost. As someone who had to purchase many rolls for his photo studio, it's a big cost!

Cloth Backdrops Are Easier to Store

Ever tried to shove a long seamless roll into your car? How about 2-3 rolls at the same time? It's a pain and sometimes difficult to work with because you may not have the assistance required to carry everything. Cloth backdrops fold up into clear plastic tubs. Make sure you have a steamer, and you're good!

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Remix and Revisit for the Win!

Styles go in and out. You can easily collect these easy-to-store garments for future photoshoots. You can dye them, tie-dye them, or even distress them. You have options, but with paper, it's limited. You can hang the cloth and place a fan for background movement. You can take the same backdrop cinch it for the curtain effect. You can also take each corner and have a solid wallpaper look to your photograph. Then, when you're done with it, you can dye the textile and give it a whole new vibe. Remix and revisit!

You're Wrong! I Still Want to Use Paper!!

Ok, good. Do that then. Be happy. This is to provide alternatives for people looking to branch out into other creative options. If I want more of a seamless option, I'll go with paper. If I want a massive backdrop option, then paper could be a better option. Everything has its place, but paper is not your only option. 

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Walid Azami is a Photographer/Director and creative consultant from Los Angeles. He got his start working with Madonna + Co by contributing to her many projects. It was then he realized his place in the creative world & began teaching himself photography. He has since shot Kanye, Mariah Carey, Usher, Bernie Sanders, JLO, amongst others

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