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The Psychology of Photography Pricing

In my latest video, I accept vulnerability in photography, focusing on two pivotal aspects: refining street photography skills on camera and mastering the psychology behind pricing your photography services. The first is scarier for me.

What We Need For Authentic Couple Shots

As photographers, we are aware that, in general, people are not naturally comfortable being photographed. In this article, I want to show you a fundamental technique that I use to achieve energetic, real, and authentic couple portraits.

The Rich, Richer, and Poor Photographer

Determining the right pricing strategy is one of the most challenging aspects for photographers aspiring to build a successful business.

The Awesome Failing Photographer

This video is for the photographer who wants to give up. Have you ever felt like throwing in the towel when things seem to spiral downward? If you have, you're not alone and I created a video that I hope will inspire you to continue.

Why Traveling Helps Your Career

I had the privilege of observing people I greatly admire making a living doing what they love. At the outset of my career, my friend, Dago, who directed tour videos for artists like Madonna, Ricky Martin, Celine Dion, Pink, and many others, noticed my keen interest in pursuing a creative path. He observed me closely, even as I occasionally posed some rather absurd questions.

Can You Use a Helios Lens for Landscape Photography?

I originally heard about the Helios 44-2 lens when my editor said it might be great for the skin. It took four weeks for the arrival and about 12 months before I had the free time to use it for a full day.

Do You Use Halation?

If you want a warm film look for your photographs or videos, you might want to consider one of the easiest ways to come closer to a film look. That is halation, or a light bloom, and I'm going to show you how it's done through a diffusion filter.

How to Increase Photo Studio Profits

Starting a photography studio can be an exciting and fulfilling endeavor, but it can also be challenging to make it profitable. Here are a few tips to help you create a successful and profitable photography studio.

Joshua Tree Through a Diffusion Filter

Have you ever looked at a scene and thought it was just a bit too sharp, almost harsh? It can be overwhelming, right? But, at the same time, you don't want to make your shots blurry in an attempt to soften things up. Well, that's where diffusion filters come in.

Tips on Photographing New Female Models

Photographing female models can be an exciting and creative process, but it's essential to approach it with professionalism and sensitivity. Here are some tips based on my own experience to help you get the best results during a photo shoot with a new model.

Photographing New Male Models

Photographing male models can be a challenging but rewarding experience for a photographer. In order to create stunning and memorable images, it's essential to direct the model and guide them into confident poses that showcase their best features.

The New Photo Studio

TikTok studio rentals are going to be a huge trend in the future for photo studios looking to increase their profitability. With such a competitive market, it can be difficult for photo studios to succeed.

4 Ways to Book More in 2023

You're going to book more photography clients in 2023 because we're going to uncomplicate things. People are people, and photo clients are the same, whether it's an ad agency, a new mom, a bride-to-be, or the CEO of a startup.

How to Book More Photo and Video Clients

You can watch endless videos about lens reviews and Instagram for photographers on YouTube. Very few channels offer business advice that moves the needle for photographers.

What Canon's Bad Move Taught Me

I'm not a fan of Canon's recent decision to ban some third-party manufacturers from selling RF mount lenses. It's a smart short-term financial decision, but the long run is a different story.

Say 'No' to Your Clients and Win!

You’ll get many opportunities to photograph someone for free or to offer you work for less. You don’t have to take all of them or even any of them. As a successful photographer, you’ll need to learn to say "no" more often than "yes" and how your career development depends on saying "no" to the wrong people. This blog post will guide you through the different scenarios and how to protect yourself.

Photographing Talent: Some Helpful Tips

Yes, the video says it's for posing women, but it works for everyone. It's for posing, it's for comfort levels, and it will help you run a more successful set. Here are three of my tips for helping models have a more successful photoshoot.

Tips for a Better Photoshoot

Here are four great tips to give you an advantage with your shoots, whether for a job or as a hobby.

The Big Photography Mistake

Photographers opt for the simple hourly wage, and while it's better than working for free, I still think it's bad for the long-run. I can only imagine the comment section from hourly photographers at the bottom of this blog post!

A Recession Guide for Photographers

You've heard your industry colleagues say it. You've read the news articles and listened to the business pundits. The economy is in a recession, and your photography business is suffering.

How to Charge for the 3 Stages of Beginner Photography

Running a photography business is challenging and earning your first client can be tough. In this article, I will show you how to charge for photography in the three stages of a beginner photographer's career.

How to Get Photo Credit

Millions of photos are uploaded each day, but we don't know who took them, unless they are properly credited. With proper credit, you can actually book more jobs, and it's a remarkable way of expanding your network.

Hourly Photographers Are Like Vending Machines

The title said photographers who charge by the hour are like vending machines of the photography world. There is everything wrong with that, and my quest is to help you earn more money.

Helpful Photography Location Scouting Tips

Let's go on a location scout for my music video. The needs for photographers and directors can be similar, and how you approach the location scouting can really help you have a smooth production.

Necessary Items for a Successful Photo Studio

Photography studios can be very profitable if you create them the right way. Photography studios can earn you $100K in medium markets and up to $200K+ in some of the larger markets. In addition to photographers renting the studio, there are other alternative methods to booking your studio day and night. There are workshops, yoga classes, private dinners, and even YouTubers needing a space regularly.

4 Photography Money Lies

There are a lot of photography myths regarding pricing and money. In this, I will cover big myths and expand on them in the video.

4 Things You Can Do to Book More Clients

You are going to learn how to book more photo clients now! It’s easier when you ask the right questions. This blog will guide you through the first client meeting. It's the most important meeting where they decide who to hire and for what budget.

Why I Sold My Photography Studio

A photography studio can be exciting and profitable. It can also have major pitfalls that you should be aware of.

From Photographer to Director

Photographers who want to dabble with video and have some apprehension will learn from this post. While video and photography are not identical, they have great overlap in concepts and it's likely that you know more than you think.

Your Photography Business is Dying to Inflation

Inflation is slowly killing your business, and many photographers haven't seen the big picture yet. Inflation is an on-going process but the past couple of years have really taken a bite out of the small business success story.

Should the Artist Starve?

If you want a successful career as a photographer, you have to dismiss one toxic term that damaged our industry: "starving artist." It has caused more damage and more self-doubt to artists across the globe than probably anything else.

Get Her a Camera!

I operate a channel that helps photographers on YouTube and Instagram, and both audiences are predominantly male. I've worked on sets for over a dozen years, where there is the expectation that men are the directors or photographers and women handle the glam. Is that a problem? Yes, it's a big problem, and here's why.

3 Tips for the Struggling Photographer

It's not easy and if it were, everyone would be doing it. You have to keep repeating that to yourself because it's true and you are entitled to some grace, as you grow. These 3 tips help me continue and I'm sharing them with you!

Jewelry Ad With All Natural Light (Follow Along)

You don't need many photography lights or a big crew to accomplish a professional campaign, but it helps. The big crew and system is a major asset, especially if you have the assistance of lights to help you shape an image.

Habits Photographers Should Break Now

Having a successful business means you are often changing, learning, and creating a better path to success. In this video, I'm discussing four habits that I have seen with many photographers actively participating in.

Connection Through Color: Black and White Photographs Take on New Life

One could easily say that nothing is what it seems because our minds create a subjective representation of the world around us. With memories, this representation may be even more complex. As scientists explain, encoding a memory in the brain is a biological event that begins with a sensory experience. Every memory we have captures emotions, and colors are one of those aspects that evoke and illustrate what we feel.

Why Test Shoots Are Career Builders

Last week I wrote about the importance of the test shoot for the budding photographer, and even the established photographer. It's a way of proving your talents and style, something new clients are always looking for.

Elia Locardi's New Eight-Part Long Exposure Tutorial Series Is Here

Today, Fstoppers has teamed up with NiSi filters to launch a brand new, free tutorial series with landscape photographer Elia Locardi. Not only are we releasing new video lessons every week, but we are also giving away over $600 worth of free gear with every video. Welcome to our long exposure adventure in Puerto Rico!

When Should You Give Up on Your Photography?

Creative entrepreneurs have a different hill to climb compared to other professions. Other professions have a set path to follow. Sign up for the right classes, then pass the predetermined tests, and qualify for a piece of paper that tells the market you are good enough.

Go Behind the Scenes of My Food Photoshoot

The landscape of all businesses looks different, and store after store keeps closing because of online businesses. The type of business we see consistently is the dining establishment, and their need for content is immense.

Why Do I Forget to Photograph?

I am a photographer but I often forget to shoot. Isn't that a ridiculous thing to say? I must admit, it's my reality more often than I'd like to admit.

Photography Mistakes I Made as a Beginner

You'll make countless mistakes as a professional photographer. This is how we grow as artists and entrepreneurs, and I encourage experimenting with your marketing and photography. I'm certain someone will object, but show the person without mistakes, and I'll show you a person who has accomplished very little.

Photographers, Stop Calling Yourself a Creative Director

I have noticed a huge trend of photographers calling themselves creative directors. On the social media app Clubhouse, there was a wave of creative directors. I hosted rooms to educate the photography community on what a creative director does and why calling yourself a creative director prematurely might hurt your growth.