Sony Video Hack: How to Unlock 6K And 8K Raw Video

If you have ever wondered how you to get higher video resolution and more dynamic range from your Sony camera, then you are in luck, because Josh Yeo has come up with a creative approach for getting 6K and 8K raw video from your Sony camera that you owe to yourself to check out.

With this creative video hack, you can extract 8K crisp raw video from the Sony A7R III and 6k raw video from the Sony A7 III. Josh Yeo calls the process a burst lapse, and it is a similar workflow to what you would use to create a time-lapse. Check out his video to learn more.

Why would you want to go through the extra effort and time it takes to create a 6K raw video or 8K raw video, especially when there are very few people that can watch videos at that high of a resolution?

Here are a few benefits that might make it worth it for you: this Sony video hack will give you raw files with 15 stops of dynamic range, higher resolution, and 12-bit color depth. The 15 stops of dynamic range will come in extra handy if you find yourself shooting video outdoors on a bright sunny day.

You will also get extra latitude in post when it comes to grading your footage with the added 12-bit color depth. If you have been looking for a way to squeeze that little bit extra out of your camera, then this is worth a serious try.

If you have ever tried to color-grade Slog video footage from the Sony A7 III, then you are probably already aware of some of the limitations of grading 8-bit video footage in post. Even if you record your video externally to an Atmos Ninja V, you can only get 8-bit 4:2:2 video out of your Sony A7 III.

With this unique approach, you will be able to create high quality 6K and 8K raw videos that are just not possible using the standard method of video capture in these Sony cameras, not to mention being able to adjust the cameras raw colors in post.

If you are just skimming this article and you haven’t watched the video yet, I suggest you take the time to watch it. The cinematography alone and his unique video style make it worth watching, even if you don’t own a Sony camera or intend to shoot 8K or 6K video with it.

In conclusion, this video hack may not be for everyone, but if you would like to push the boundaries of your camera and take the quality of your videos to a whole other level, then this might be something you can incorporate into your future video projects.

Leave a comment below and let me know if this Sony video hack is something you could see yourself testing out in the future.

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Craig Beckta is a portrait and fashion photographer based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Craig currently has over 160 photography and videography tutorials on YouTube.

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Considering the thermal history of Sony cameras, I'd keep a fire extinguisher handy if you go this route...

I don't know why people say this. I shoot weddings with a R3, in 4k and ALL DAY and have never experienced any thermal issues, let alone even slightly warm. Maybe in previous models, but not anymore.

Just gave this a try on my A7III and it worked fairly well.

It opens up some new possibilities for sure.

The final product still looks like an extremely high-quality hyperlapse, not a video/film. It works well and it's an interesting final product which can be very useful. But saying 6K and 8K video is a bit misleading. Also, was that Dytto?

I had to Google Dytto to find out who you were referring to... Not sure if it's her or not. It was a Sony Alpha event in LA, so it may be possible.