Celebrating Black History Month: 28 Photographers Making History

Celebrating Black History Month: 28 Photographers Making History

With 28 days to celebrate Black History Month in February, let's take 28 opportunities to celebrate some talented black photographers who are currently making history with their work.

Celebrating Black History Month

February has been designated as Black History Month by every American President since 1976. It's an annual opportunity to highlight and recognize the trials, tribulations, and achievements of the African American community in the USA and abroad. 

As we celebrate Black History Month, it's also important that we take time to recognize the talented black photographers that are currently making history with their work. 

Here are 28 notable black photographers to celebrate for each day in February: 

  1. Tobi Shinobi: Award-winning international multifaceted photographer, videographer, and creative based between London and Chicago.
  2. Kesha Lambert: Award-winning member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association and Professional Photographers of America (PPA).
  3. Brandon Ruffin: Oakland-based photographer and visual artist.
  4. Dane Isaac: Commercial, portrait, and street photographer who focuses on the usage of light and storytelling.
  5. Greg Noire: Award-winning portrait and live music photographer.
  6. Nitashia Johnson: Freelance photojournalist for sources such as the Free Dallas Press, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.
  7. Steve Irby: Co-founder and director of Street Dreams magazine and an artist of many disciplines.
  8. Paul Octavious: Photographer and creative director.
  9. Nolis Anderson: Commercial portrait and lifestyle photographer.
  10. Jermaine Horton: Award-winning portrait and wedding photographer and founder of The Art of Confidence Project.
  11. Dennis Cacho: Photographer, videographer, music producer. 
  12. Humza Deas: NYC-based photographer and videographer.
  13. Ron Timehin: Cityscape and lifestyle photographer.
  14. Karston Tannis: International environmental portrait photographer and director, specializing in lifestyle and fashion, based in New York City.
  15. Luther Redd: An innovative photographer with a passion for intertwining stories, images, and unique narratives.
  16. Chaz Langley: With a background in songwriting, Chaz brings an extra layer of storytelling to all of his content.
  17. Aundre Larrow: Photographer who tries to understand and communicate the core of what makes us human, and the fundamental value of each person.
  18. Leon Johnson: Award-winning portrait photographer.
  19. Tomayia Colvin: Dr. Tomayia Colvin is a nationally recognized Houston senior portrait and branding photographer.
  20. Keith Cephus: Wedding, lifestyle, and portrait photographer.
  21. Shauna Wade: Travel, lifestyle, and street photographer. 
  22. Michael Aboya: Fine art and fashion photographer based in Ghana.
  23. Endia Beal: Beal’s work merges fine arts with social justice. She uses photography and video to reveal the often overlooked and unappreciated experiences unique to people of color.
  24. Karl Shakur: Adventure photographer and visual artist based in Kansas.
  25. Christina Poku: Photographer and motion director based in London.
  26. Jessica Nabongo: Detroit-born Ugandan-American photographer and entrepreneur, whose work is dedicated to changing the travel narrative and making the travel space more inclusive.
  27. Jabari Jacobs: Atiguan-American visual artist specializing in commercial and editorial photography, design, and filmmaking.
  28. Keydrin Franklin: Photographer and educator based in Fort Worth.

How to Honor and Support Black History Month

Here are some of the ways in which you can honor and support Black History Month: 

  • Support black-owned businesses
  • Read and share books written by black authors
  • Learn about important black leaders and their contributions 
  • Donate to charities that support equality 
  • Get involved with Black History Month celebrations
  • Visit a black history museum
  • Support black artists and their art

With all of the ways in which you can get involved, support, and be inspired by Black History Month, there's no shortage of inspiration and ways to contribute to uplifting causes and artists. 

Let us know how you celebrate Black History Month as a photographer, and be sure to share more notable artists or community initiatives in the comments below! 

Images used with permission of Tobi Shinobi.

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Reza is a professional photographer, cinematographer, and educator based in Seattle WA. He specializes in a variety of creative fields, including wedding photography, portrait photography, cinematography, and FAA Part 107 drone aerials. As an educator, Reza's aim is to produce compelling educational content that inspires and empowers creators.

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I dont know a single black famous photographer so i liked this list found some i really liked

Glad you had a chance to discover and be inspired by the talent on this list Johan! Thanks for sharing your feedback :)

Oh man, you're in for it with #28 - Keydrin! He's a great follow on IG and a super nice guy! on top of being an amazing photographer!

Couldn't agree more Christian! Keydrin is such a nice and talented guy ;)