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Up To 70% Off SanDisk Compact Flash Memory Cards

Up To 70% Off SanDisk Compact Flash Memory Cards

Today on Amazon you can get up to 70% off SanDisk Compact Flash Memory Cards. This is a great deal and would make an awesome stocking stuff for yourself or another photographer. Get them while you can!

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Kevin Stiller's picture

Something's not quite right here. I bought 2, 16 gig CF cards over the summer off amazon for $30 each. Their price marking is now at 167 dollars? thats absurd.

were those cards you bought 60 mb/s as well?

Andrew Valadez's picture

Are you sure these are the EXACT same cards? 

I felt the same way each time I see a card deal and think "But i just payed 1/3 the price for this card" but they aren't identical after some research. Make sure the part # matches the same as the one described and you will find out they aren't identical i bet

Check the class on the cards you bought previously, Kevin.  These cards are a 20 Class -- which allows you to write your images to the card VERY quickly.  Comes in very handy when you're doing rapid fire shooting for action shots.  

Albert Manduca's picture

They also read very fast, so if your working in a fast paced environment you can get the images or video off the cards and on to a computer as quickly as possible. 

Colin Krieg's picture

Same price as B&H and they only have $10 off the 32 gig cards, not $215 off lol.
Maybe they hiked the price up to make it look more attractive...

Kevin Stiller's picture

** I stand corrected! My cards are not 60, but 30 mb/s. I apologize **

tammie gilchrist's picture

This price is for a 64 GB card, not 16 Kevin. 

Alistair Nicol's picture

This is a good offer and is valid until Dec 29.

William Collins's picture

Rather deceptive in my opinion, Amazon lists the price as 167 dollars when the price is actually around 60 dollars on bhphotovideo. I bought my 16bg extreme for 80 dollars 4 months back.

jeff gammons's picture

Yea, not buying anything off amazon after that big post on the fake ones floating around...

Ravin's picture

That was regarding other companies selling through amazon. These prices are for items directly from Amazon

Spencer Selvidge's picture

Has anyone considered that these could easily be the counterfeit Sandisks that are regularly sold on Amazon and that is why they are so cheap? THey could be real but proving it before purchase is really hard. At least you know B&H, Adorama, JR, etc have the real deal. 

Miquiztli's picture

Is weird BH have the same memory but lacks the "20 movie" logo and the price is so much cheap, but if you compare with the Lexar the point price of amazon is a clear fake the 16g 1000x version with the same 20 logo has a price of $111 (and with discount at $74), not the $168 of the lower card in amazon

Arnold Newman's picture

I'm a fan of fstoppers in general but this is the second time you guys have posted a headline suggesting Amazon is offering some major discount off Sandisk cards when they are not.  I don't care what percentage discount Amazon claims based on an often incorrect list price;  I care if it's significantly less expensive than I can get it elsewhere.  Like last time, this is not the case.  In fact, the price for the 64 GB CF card is up by about $5 from a week ago.

Benicio Murray's picture

FStoppers loses credibility with posts like this

Brooks Murfey's picture

Seriously, these prices are close to standard everyday prices. The "retail prices" listed are an obvious giveaway that Amazon priced these as such just so they could say "70% off." Only a moron would believe that a 32GB CF Card would retail for $302.99, and then get a MASSIVE 70% off discount. I bought one of the 60mb/s 32GB SanDisk cards 2 years ago at Calumet for ~$80. This is not a deal, it's a scam.

Jonathan Balch's picture

raising the price artificially just to show a massive discount is NOT a sale.  Amazon does this for nearly every product.  And there are some sellers that do it obscenely, saying they offer 90%+ discounts, but really, who would buy a box of macaroni for $75.00?  I bought the 32GB card (yes, 60MB/s) for a mere $60, about a year and a half ago, used.  /totalwasteoftime

daya photo's picture

Online sites often make money through ads, and FStoppers is no different.  Take a look at the link -- either FStoppers or the author is getting a commission from Amazon everytime someone clicks on the link and then (even if the next day) buys the product.  There ain't no free lunch, folks -- if you want content then either you pay for it or an advertiser pays for it.