Pentax 645z Specs Leaked

Pentax 645z Specs Leaked

According to PhotoRumors, the Pentax 645z medium format digital camera is coming April 14th and will be absolutely loaded. The replacement to the 645d will feature a 52.99Mp CMOS sensor like the new offerings from PhaseOne and Hasselblad, shoot ISO 100-204,800, and shoot full HD video and 4K in "interval mode". In addition, the 645z is rumored to not have an AA filter (like the D800E, D7100) for better sharpness, live view with contrast AF and focus peaking, and a new 27-point (25 cross type) AF system. According to the post the 645z will have an opening US price of $8,496.95.

Below is a quick comparison of the 645d specs against the leaked 645z specs.


And here is the complete rundown of 645z specs from Photo Rumors:

Item number 17972
Camera Type Digital SLR camera with interchangeable lenses, TTL auto exposure and auto focus
Sensor Technology
Sensor Type CMOS with primary color filter, without anti Alaising filter
Recording format 43.8 x 32.8 mm
Total resolution approximately 52.99 megapixels
Effective resolution 51.4 megapixels
  • RAW: 51 MP 8265 x 6192 pixels
  • TIFF: 51 MP 8265 x 6192 pixels
  • JPEG: L (51 MP] 8256 x 5440 pixels), M (36 MP 6912 x 5184 pixels), S (21 MP 5376 x 4032 pixels), Small (3 MP 1920 x 1440 pixels)
Image format
  • RAW (DNG and PEF) (3x14 bit)
  • TIFF
  • JPEG (3 levels of quality)
Video format
  • MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (MOV)
  • Motion JPEG (AVI) for video recording interval
Photosensitivity automatically or manually: ISO 100 - ISO 204800
Shake Reduction Shake Reduction system with appropriate lenses
Sensor Cleaning
  • Sensor cleaning by ultrasound-based piezo electronics to sensor protection glass.
  • With dust warning and display on the monitor (the right way).
  • Pixel Mapping
Lens attachment PENTAX 645AF2 Bayonet(Compatible with 645AF and 645A bayonet connector)
Distance Measurement / autofocus
Focusing Phase detection autofocus system SAFOX 11 with 27 AF sensors (including 25 cross-type sensors and flux sensors for optimum AF performance with fast lenses).Spot AF and AF automatic, switchable to tracking (Servo) Autofocus. Focus Lock on trigger.
Each of the 27 AF points can be selected manually.The Predictive already sums up the subject on the edge and calculates the correct focus for moving subjects advance.
AF working range LW LW -3 to 18
Viewfinder Type Built-in hard trapezoidal prism with Kepler's telescope viewfinder
Field about 98%
Viewfinder magnification approx 0.62 x (55mm)
approx 0.85 x (75 mm)
Focusing screen Changeable "Natural-Bright"-Matte with AF frame.Change focusing screen with grid or scale division optionally available.
Viewfinder displays Recording data, ISO, focus confirmation and electronic spirit level
Diopter correction -3.5 Dpt. - +2.0 Dpt.
  • 3.2 "- TFT Color LCD 3:2
  • "Air-gapless technology" for particularly bright color reproduction
  • Resolution approximately 1,037,000 dots
  • Hardened and kratzunempfindlcihes monitor glass
  • Monitor brightness and color reproduction calibrated
  • Zoom function up to 16x
  • Status Display with recording Relevant Data
  • Electronic 3D water balance (Jet Screen)
  • Menu screen for certain specified configuration options
  • Status display and the menu screen rotate with the rotation of the camera to horizontal and vertical view
  • Histogram Display
  • Index or calendar display
Live View
Live View TTL Live images from CMOS sensor
  • Contrast auto focus with face detection
  • Frame with 100%
  • Magnification of 2x, 4x, 8x, 12, 16
  • Manual focus with focus peaking
Status Monitor
Display Status Monitor on top of the camera, lit with all relevant shooting information
Type Electronically-controlled, vertical-traverse, focal-plane shutter.
Shutter speeds Automatic: 1/4000th sec to 30 sec (infinitely)
Manual: 1/4000th sec to 30 sec (in increments of 0.3 or 0.5 EV) and Bulb.
Flash sync speed 1/125 sec
Metering TTL full-aperture measurement with 86K-pixel RGB sensor and real-time analysis systemMeasurement methods: Evaluative, Center-weighted or Spot metering
  • Scene modes:
    - Hyper Program
    - Program AE with depth-priority
    - Program AE with priority on shallow depth of field
    - Program AE with time priority
    - MTF (optimal aperture according lens construction is treated with priority)
  • Sensitivity Priority (shutter speed and aperture are automatically set to ISO-choice)
  • Aperture Priority (time is set automatically to the selected aperture)
  • Time priority (aperture is set automatically to the selected shutter speed)
  • Aperture and shutter priority (sensitivity is automatically set to the selected shutter speed and aperture)
  • manual exposure
  • Long Exposure
  • X-sync (1/125 sec)
Workspace EV -1 to EV 21
Measured value touch of a button
  • ± 5 EV
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing 3 or 5 exposures
Flash function Hot shoe on the camera top, X-sync terminal,
Recording parameters
Types of Recording Six color characteristics in the "Custom Image" function:
  • Bright
  • Of course
  • Portrait
  • Landscape
  • Alive
  • Covered
  • Positive Film
  • Monochrome

with individual adjustment for:

  • Saturation
  • Hue
  • Hi-/Low-Key adaptation
  • Contrast
  • Highlights adjustment
  • Shadow Adjustment
  • Sharpness (Fine Sharpness and Extra Sharpness)
White Balance
  • Automatic or manual
  • TTL setting with the imaging sensor
  • Default:
    Cloudy Sky
    Fluorescent (W, N, D, L)
    CTE (Color Temparature Enlargement)
  • 3 manual settings: continuously in the range of 2,500 K to 10,000 K
Digital filter
  • Farbextrahierung
  • Toy camera (vignetting / Lomo effect)
  • Retro
  • High contrast
  • Monochrome
  • various color filters
  • Watercolor
  • Pastel

and much more

Tripping functions
  • Single shots
  • Continuous shooting at 1 / Sec. (Cont. L) or up to 3 B / sec. (JPEG L - H Cont.)
    Up to 300 images in succession (JPEG L - Continious L)
  • Self-timer (12 or 2 sec)
  • Mirror lock-up
  • Multiple Exposure
  • Interval Photo - 2 sec - 24 hours, 2 to 2000 recordings; Start time can be set individually.
    Footage - 4K (2 sec), Full HD, HD - 14 sec to 1 hour of recording time; 14 sec - 99 hours intervals; Start time can be set individually.
  • IR remote control - 3 meters (Optional)
  • Cable Switch CS 205 - 1m (Optional)
  • Flucard for wireless camera control and image transmission (Optional)
  • Camera Utility 5 for camera control from the computer (Optional)
Video function
Recording function
  • Full HD (1,920 x 1,080)
  • HD (1280 x 720)
  • 4K in interval mode
  • 60i / 50i / 30 B / sec. / 25 B / sec. / 24 B / sec.
  • Recording format MPEG-4 AVC/H.264
  • Manual Exposure
  • Manual Focus leadership for the optimal implementation of the creativity
  • maximum recording length 25 minutes
  • Stereo sound recording with built in microphone
  • Connecting an external stereo microphone possible
  • Manual audio level
  • Headphone jack
Video Editing
  • Parts of video recordings
  • Deleting Scenes
  • Save picture from motion picture
Image Storage
Memory Type SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card * (UHS compatible), Eye-Fi card or Flucard* The maximum storage capacity with SDHC cards is 32 GB
To the power of the camera to make optimum use, we recommend SanDisk Extreme III memory cards.
File Formats
  • PEF (PENTAX own RAW format)
  • DNG (open RAW format)
  • JPEG (Exif 2.21) (kompremierte JPEG files: *** Best, ** Better, * Good), DCF (Design rule of camera file system)
  • Simultaneous recording of JPEG and RAW files possible
File Name
  • Folder Name: Date or indivuiduell (default: PENTX)
  • Default file name, or up to 4 individual characters
  • Sensor cleaning by ultrasound - The dust is collected by means of adhesive tape in the camera
  • Dust Alert to display the buildup on the sensor
  • Depth of field preview
  • Digital Preview for verifying correct exposure, color temperature or the color in the Custom Image function
  • Histogram display in individual channels
  • Programmable dials (The front and rear control dial can be assigned individually for the different exposure options
  • 76 housing seals against moisture and dust.
    protection against environmental influences is one of the most important details to an electronic camera. Rain or high humidity can lead to corrosion in the camera body. The photographer noted this but only much later, when the workshop requires high repair prices or repair is no longer possible.
    Much faster makes the stay at the beach noticeable. In modern microtechnology a grain of sand is sufficient to allow the tiny motors, and even smaller gear wheels lock and the camera often becomes unusable. With the comprehensive protection program for the 645Z, this camera can still take pictures (even in winter to -10 ° C), if other photographers have their camera better packaged.
  • USB 3.0 Hi-Speed ​​(Micro B)
  • X-sync
  • HDMI (Type 3)
  • AC adapter (optional)
  • Cable Switch CS 205 (optional)
Energy source Rechargeable lithium-ion battery of the type D-LI90
Battery capacity
  • about 650 pictures
  • approximately 400 minutes of recording / playback time

Under Pentax testing conditions at 23 ° C

Dimensions and weight
Height 117 mm
Width 156 mm
Depth 123 mm
Weight 1,550 g (with card and battery)
Scope of delivery Part No. 39475 Power Cord D-CO2E
Art No. 39830 lithium-ion battery D-LI90
Art No. 39831 battery charger D-BC90
Art No. 31011 Eyecup O-EC107
Art No. 38615 Strap O-ST150
Software S-SW150
eyecup FSThis camera comes with a German-speaking guide. If an instruction in a foreign language have to be settled expeditiously, please contact your local camera dealer. We are happy to provide further instructions. As a reimbursement of 20 euros will be charged.
optional Item No. 39830 Li-ion battery D-LI90
Art No. 39834 Battery Charge Kit K-BC90E
Art No. 38779 Power supply K-AC132E
Art No. 39012 GPS Module O-GPS1
Art No. 38584 645D MATT SCREEN DF-80 Toilet
Articles No. 38582 645D MATT SCREEN DG-80 Toilet
Articles No. 38583 645D MATT SCREEN DK-80 Toilet
Articles No. 39357 Sensor Cleaning Kit O-ICK1
Art No. 37248 Cable Switch CS-205
Art No. 39892 Weatherproof remote control O-RC1
Art No. 38610 Flucard for 16GB Pentax O-FC1
Art No. 30465 AF 200FG flash
Art No. 30438 AF Speedlight 360FGZ II
Article No. 30456 AF Speedlight 540FGZ II
Article No. 50278 SLR Backpack

[Via Photo Rumors]

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Nice specs and seems to be priced well.

Unreal. :-)

damn I want a medium format

Wooooow, awesome pricing too!


Obviously not built with video as a priority, but someone probably could've told them shooting interlaced isn't very useful to any of us.

Well there's an inaccurate blanket statement if I ever saw one!

I don't agree with you. I feel shooting interlaced is a nuisance.

Isn't choppy progressive a product of using too fast a shutter speed?

A medium format camera shooting video 4k ...sounds too good to be true. Let's hope this camera will be as good as it's specs. focusing is a big thing here!

Sensor size and resolution aren't comparative like most people think they are.

only in 2 second bursts though

Dat ISO..

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't an AA filter somewhat important for video?

I wonder how long before the world finally gets full frame medium format. Even 60mm x 45mm would be great, but imagine 60mm x 70mm...

Toy camera (vignetting / Lomo effect)


The 1/125th sync speed is a total deal breaker..

As far as I understand, you can still use leaf shutter lenses with PC terminal and get faster X Sync.

I really can not stand the sync speed!

You could probably fit leaf shutter lenses on and trigger via pc... I didn't comb through the specs though...

Thanks for letting me know. What Lens are these, do they AF on a digital body like this?

I don't believe they would. Nor would they have synched aperture control.

Still, MF camera are mostly used in a slow paced part of photography spectrum...

Thanks. I am looking forward to a camera that does higher sync speed and can produce nice files under $10000 range. Like a D800 w' LS. Maybe a D900s will have electric shutter~

Don't hold your breath!

Don't worry, I am not gonna die that way(holding my breath for a year).

I would love to have this camera :) It's so beautiful.