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Artist Parodies 30 Different Types of Photographer and Their Stereotypical Traits

Antti Karppinen, a talented Finnish photographer and digital artist whose work was featured on Fstoppers last year, created this video to lightheartedly take digs at how different types of photographers behave.

The four-minute clip, starring Karppinen himself, mocks every kind of photo-taker, from reenacting the way wedding photographers frantically switch between several camera bodies, to parodying an amateur trying to work their new DSLR.

It’s no secret that we photographers get ourselves in to some questionable stances in our attempts to get the right shot, and you can’t help but laugh seeing what we look like. He nails impressions of the paparazzi and even mocks the selfie generation with impersonations of mobile photographers and selfie-stick users. For others, he takes their title seriously, wearing a builders' outfit for his industrial photographer joke.

Karppinen goes all out for the video, including sourcing a drone for and even making the screen black and white for his black and white photographer sketch. A risqué twist on “nude photographer” even sees Karppinen himself stripping off. Check out the video above, and see if you can spot a stance that resembles yourself.

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Alice Margatroid's picture

I was surprised to not see a Army / World events photographer in that list

Motti Bembaron's picture

Yes, army photographer is missing. He most likely did not have uniforms :-)

antti karppinen's picture

Part 2 coming :D I think I have another 30 in the backlog :D

Deleted Account's picture

Great idea and well done.There are as many photographer types as there are subjects when you think about it. I look forward to part 2. I can think of some that weren't in this lot.

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

Where is the most common one? the PRO photographer!

Elliot Sander's picture

Pros would still fall in one or more of the types shown. Are you saying that (for example) a landscape photographer is different from a pro photographer?

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

I was being sarcastic; as soon as the word PRO pop up next to "photographer," it trigger an endless troll.
Just explaining it kills it now

Percy Ortiz's picture

Nude photographer lmao

Doug Stringham's picture

I really enjoyed this.... spot on for each one. Nude photographer was hilarious.

Trait D'olympe's picture

Completely hilarious. I laughed all along