Hilarious Cat Pictures Portray the Ugliest Cats Ever

Ah, cats. You love them or you hate them. The noisy, little furballs with personality to spare are often the subjects of pet portrait photographers and cat ladies everywhere. A few minutes thumbing through hashtags like #cutekitty, #catlover, and #kitten on Instagram will produce more of that feel-good vibe than I can handle on most days. One pet photographer took cat photos to the next level and created a set of pet portraits that don’t necessarily generate as much of that cute and cuddly feeling as others.

The Portland, Oregon based pet photographer Carli Davidson, known for her hilarious and adorable photographs or furry creatures, is the mastermind behind these unique feline photographs. The photographs are a part of her series titled, "Shake," in which Davidson captures different animals as they shake and let their fur fly (allergy sufferers beware).

While the Shake series isn't the most current release, if you’re the type that enjoys an entertaining coffee table book, Davidson might have one for you. Her other work includes several previously published books appropriately named with titles like Lick Dogs, and Lick Cats. I’ll let you dig further into those on your own. Meanwhile, enjoy a few less than graceful felines below. 

If cats aren't your thing, check out Davidson's video, Shake Puppies, and let those feel-good feelings fly. 

[Via So Bad So Good]

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