World Beard & Moustache Challenge 2014

World Beard & Moustache Challenge 2014

Did you know there was a beard and moustache growing challenge besides the MOVEMBER movement?  Until today I had no clue! And after seeing some of these images, i'm suffering from Beard-Envy!  Direct from The Beard Team USA website"It’s time to start growing! The 2014 Just for Men World Beard and Moustache Championships® are invading Portland, Oregon on Saturday, October 25. Inside the spectacular, 3,000-seat Keller Auditorium in downtown Portland, hundreds of the world’s best “beardsmen” will put the art of facial hair on display in the most entertaining and creative competition to hit the Northwest."

Beards & Moustaches are the New Black! It's gotten more noticible in the last few months, (at least for me here in Chicago). Everywhere you turn is a set of facial hair that seems to have just walked out of the wild west.....and it's AWESOME! I stumbled across the World Championships recently and fell in love with the galleries from previous entries and challenges. Photographer, Greg Anderson has shot an incredible collection of Facial Hair, (and their owners), for the 2013 Nationals in New Orleans which can be seen in it's entirity here, and has just informed me that he'll also be exclusively covering the 2014 World Championship in Portland, Oregon!! So there will be new and epic images to follow!

Here are some of my favorite images from last years Championship:

Do you have what it takes to be a Bearded Legend?  Click Here to Enter the 2014 Competition in Portland, Oregon and maybe you'll get your portrait taken by Greg Anderson!  Have some epic Facial Hair and already have an awesome portrait?  Then paste it in the comments! :)

All images used with permission.


The Contestants from this years challenge are in, and just as you migh image, they're pretty epic! Check out the gallery below for some of my personal favorites, and be sure to check out the FULL gallery on Greg Anderson's facebook page here!

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