Tips From 10 of the Top Photographers Around

Colin Smith was at WPPI recently, where he caught up with 10 high-profile and talented pros to ask them a few questions. The video features fantastic insights into the minds of some of the biggest and hottest names in photography.

To keep the interviews short and snappy, Smith asks each photographer the same first two questions followed by a wild card question based on the answers to the first two. He starts by asking them how they got started in the business, then asks them what keeps them motivated and inspired, and finally, he asks his improvised question. From the amazingly talented and admirably laid-back Renee Robyn to the effervescent showman that is Joe Edelman, there are some great nuggets of pearly wisdom to be heard here. Also, keep an eye out for Fstoppers' own Emily Teague, who has been making all us mere mortals super jealous of her stunning fine art portraits. If you haven't already, please go check out her work.

Any interesting stories on how you got started? Any pearls of wisdom? Let us know in the comments below.

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10 of the top photographers?
Where is Paul Caponigro, John Sexton, Jay Maisel, David Muench and the like?

Jonathan Brady's picture

Jesus... are you seriously complaining and being pedantic over free content?
The title says 10 "OF THE" top photographers. Not "THE 10 TOP"...

Victor Gonzales's picture

Damn, I had to log on just to like your comment lol Some people feel like they need to be seen and heard.

seriously 10 of the top ten photo web gurus, I wouldn't put them in the top 1000.

Mike O'Leary's picture

I think both of you guys need to brush up on your English :)

nope, nope nope. Matthew Jordan Smith gets a pass. But even some of their websites look like they are from the Stone Age. These are people popular on the web and for speaking at conventions. They are not in demand from clients booking jobs! I should know I book these jobs! are they good educators most likely but they are not "some of the best around"

apparently you don't book enough, since you have time to write useless comments here

Emily Teague's picture

Thanks for sharing! :)

Mike O'Leary's picture

Thank YOU for creating such awesome work.

John de la Bastide's picture

Thanks...I needed that !

stir photos's picture

lol... dude at 16:01 that walked in on the frame was hilarious.... i liked all the interviews, but clay's words resonated the most for me. great share!