This $64 Second-Hand Camera is a Gem

We all know that the best gear isn't essential to creating great photographs, but this camera is really pushing those limits! It's no wonder James Popsys loves it.

The advancement of cameras has been relentless in the past few decades, covering enormous distances in image quality and the technology underpinning it. However, for some time now, we have been experiencing diminishing returns in digital photography. That is, the increments at which cameras improve are getting smaller and generally, the upgrade is only justifiable to the few photographers who benefit from new features or enjoy being cutting-edge.

As the years roll on and myriad cameras and iterations of existing models are released, the older bodies slip down the ranks in terms of price. Predominately, the older the camera, the more its price has fallen and this has resulted in many forgotten gems if you know where to look. A recent example for me is the Canon 6D, which I bought around a decade ago as it was released. It know feels woefully under-equipped compared to my more modern Sony and Fujifilm bodies, but the pictures you can take on it are still excellent. You can pick up a well-used 6D for a couple of hundred dollars now, and that's just one example.

In this video, James Popsys returns to one of his old favorites: a Lumix GX-1 that cost just £52.

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Charles Mercier's picture

Why do these articles always underestimate the prices? A quick look ebay shows one GX1 at $120 with others over 200. $62???? BS. And that's not even including the lens.

W Mitty's picture

I believe that James said in the video that HE paid 52 pounds, not that everyone should be able to find one for that price. It was well-used (as is obvious in the video) and he showed a screen shot of the ad from MPB. You may not be able to find one for that price, but he did. So what is the problem with him stating that? Do you think he lied? Do you think he Photoshopped the MPB ad just to make you feel bad? What would his motivation for lying about the price be?

Here is an ad from today from Kamerastore in Finland for 70 pounds for a body that they rate as "excellent condition (4/5)".

Also, he never claimed that the price included the lens. In fact, he already had the lens, and bought the camera body to use it on. He clearly states that in the video.

I am guessing you really didn't watch the video. But you chose to attribute incorrect claims to him and criticize him for it. Come on, don't be so angry.

Charles Mercier's picture

No, I didn't watch the video. I'm sure it's a fine camera and I like James' videos. It has nothing to do with James. It's just that this is not the first time that it's happened on fstoppers. They could simply say budget, cheap or inexpensive. Not a price in which I can't find - again more than one time.

W Mitty's picture

Again, who claimed that you should be able to find one for that price? He simply states what he paid for it. Is it his, or Fstoppers, obligation to make sure that you can find it for the same price as James did?

And it seems your view is limited to prices available in the US. I found one for 70 pounds in less than five minutes. WIth a little more looking, I have no doubt I could find one in Europe for about 50-60 pounds. If your view is too limited, I am not sure that is FStoppers problem.

Charles Mercier's picture

Wow! Who do you think wrote the headline? It clearly says it's $64 camera.

W Mitty's picture

Robert Baggs, who is from the UK. 64 USD = 52 GBP. That is what James paid. Does that not make it a $64 camera? Should he call it a $200 camera? That wouldn't be accurate. Not sure what your point is.

Roger Cozine's picture

You could find one at that price if you keep shopping around. Especially on or KEH. They have inexpensive cameras of the same type frequently. Depending on what condition your willing to accept, you can find it cheaper or more expensive. The price isn't underestimated. The price is what he paid at the site where he found it. Had you looked at the same time, you could have found the same camera at the same price. This video isn't about a low price guarantee, it's about the payoff of shopping around and finding the value in used gear. Ebay is in no way an even remotely decent way to compare camera prices.

Stephen Strangways's picture

I bought a GX1 from Facebook Marketplace for $50 Canadian, which is $38.46 USD. EBay is not the only place to buy used cameras.

Roger Cozine's picture

This is actually a good video. I've managed to find plenty of older mirrorless cameras for cheap that still take fantastic images. My best value find was a Fujifilm Finepix X100 for $130 with the 23mm lens at a local swap meet. It was in pristine condition and needed nothing more than a new battery. If people actually bothered to shop around and take some unconventional routes, they'd find tons of great cameras for cheap.

Annette Johnson's picture

£71 uk pounds in today currency exchange! Where? Facebook marketplace. You only have to look, and its in mint condition with lens!

Milan Svítek's picture

That's actually a brilliant deal.