Landscape Photography in Awful Weather

When we think of landscape photography, we likely don't think of driving rain and 50 mph winds. But just because the weather isn't all blue skies and mild air doesn't mean we shouldn't be out there with a camera, braving the elements. 

Coming to you from Thomas Heaton, this video follows him as he shoots in Iceland during some pretty awful weather (look at the tents it ruined). As he touches upon, I think that often, less than favorable conditions are actually more appropriate for a photograph. I personally find clear skies rather boring, and there's a certain moodiness to the stormy look that I've always enjoyed and that often fits a specific landscape a bit better than a sunny day. I once went out in similar conditions in Cleveland with a group of Fstoppers photographers and local shooters, and though every one of us either fell in the mud or dropped a filter in a river or the like, the images I came back with were some of my favorites of all time. Of course, if you are going to be shooting in such conditions, grab yourself some rain covers to protect your gear!

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Jeff Colburn's picture

Good video. Some of my best shots were taken in rain, strong winds, fog and snow. Weather makes for interesting photos.

Have Fun,

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". . last night we had beer, whiskey, cider [...] and EVERYONE was happy. AND THAT´S BECAUSE WE ALL WORK AS A TEAM." Lol!

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Thanks for sharing