Landscape Photography in a Blizzard

Landscape photography can be difficult in even the best of situations. In his latest video, Thomas Heaton finds himself in less than ideal conditions. He doesn't know the area well and is not sure if he'll be able to find a good composition, the forecast calls for a light snowfall but he ends up in a blizzard, and his van gets stuck in the snow. Watch how he perseveres and still manages to come home with a couple of great shots.

Heaton is an opportunistic photographer. After spending time exploring the woodlands of Whittingham, Northumberland in the U.K. in search of good compositions, he starts to turn back, having seemingly struck out. But when a chance glance at a symmetrical clearing in the woods happens to catch his eye, he jumps at the opportunity and manages to capture a beautiful abstract snowy image.

Like most of you, I watch a lot of photography videos on YouTube. Some are educational, some are inspirational, some are just fun to watch. I always find that Heaton's videos have a great balance between all of these attributes. Some are more educational than others, but I always find myself inspired. The joy Heaton takes in every aspect of his work is infectious. Even when he finds himself stuck in the snow, he's having fun. It's a lesson I hope to take to heart on my next adventure.

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Aneesh Kothari is a Houston-based travel, landscape, and cityscape photographer. He enjoys reading, traveling with his family, and making lists of things he enjoys. He yearns to be a Civil War buff but has yet to finish the Ken Burns series.

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He’s a real photographer!

I really would not define the snow that he was in as a Blizzard much less a snow storm....

To be fair, snow over ice is just one hell of a tricky situation, no matter how much that snowfall is.

A fair point. I live in Houston, TX so my viewpoint on the matter may be a bit off. At a minimum, very dicey conditions.

Great video he produced this time. Like the ending the most ;)

that's an adventure.

That's not a blizzard.