Take a Great Landscape Photograph Without Perfect Light

Landscape photography is all about chasing the light. Golden rays and colorful skies are generally desirable. However, as this great video shows, you don't always need good light to make a great landscape image.

Landscape photographer Nigel Danson talks the audience through a couple of images he captures on location in the Faroe Islands. The Faroe Islands are dramatic with unpredictable weather to say the least. Danson is subjected to freezing conditions, strong wind, and rain throughout the video, with sunlight breaking through the clouds intermittently. He makes the best of the weather and focuses on the fundamentals, seeking out strong compositions with leading lines and depth. 

One of the images Danson shoots is taken in the middle of the day in "drab" conditions without much light on the scene. He ends up with a terrific image, because he is able to capture the essence of the place beautifully. The final image tells a great story, transporting the viewer to the scene. It's a good reminder that great images can be created in any situation and under any circumstances as long as your photography fundamentals are strong and you can tell a compelling story.

Do you have any stories of creating cherished landscape images in less then ideal conditions? Let me know in the comments below. 

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Bryce Bolling's picture

Well.... I would actually say landscape photography is certainly not about chasing the light. Making a very strong image in the conditions found in the video should straight forward. Looks amazing.