Photographer and Model Plead Guilty to Charges After Nude Shoot at Public Mall

Photographer and Model Plead Guilty to Charges After Nude Shoot at Public Mall

A model and photographer who were arrested last year are now pleading guilty to “misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges” after conducting a nude shoot at a public mall.

Shortly after 11am on April 8th 2017, model Chelsea Guerra, 22, and photographer Michael Warnock, 64, were arrested at the mall in the 4100 block of William Penn Highway, Monroeville. Guerra, who also uses the modeling pseudonym ‘Fox Jane,’ has admitted they probably should have picked a more discreet location.

Further charges were dropped against the pair as part of a plea deal which further saw both of them fined $300. According to TribLive, Guerra was posing for photos in the public space “wearing only thigh-high black stockings and high-heeled shoes, while Warnock took photos.”

Guerra was allegedly paid $300 by Warnock after responding to his advert for a nude model on Craigslist. She fiercely defended the shoot, denying it was seedy, and rather, declared it was about “creating art.” Speaking to a couple of months after the arrest, she described it as “honest work” that she undertook to fund her college education.

I didn’t know [it was illegal] at the time, and really, in hindsight, all I can say is that my intent or what I was trying to do was not be obscene and shocking to people and offend people. I was only there to do an art project for a photographer.

Warnock’s initial charges were criminal solicitation, indecent exposure, conspiracy, disorderly conduct, and two counts of possession of controlled substances.

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Leigh Miller's picture

Disgraceful...GWC, young FEMALE in front of kids at a mall.....

michael buehrle's picture

kids should be in school at 11am.

Leigh Miller's picture

all kids are school aged right?...some don't get sick and stay home with mom or dad...travelling with families etc. They should all absolutely be in school so that dirty old men can pose barely adult girls on the mall steps?

April 8th, 2017 (the day of the arrest) was a Saturday.

olivier borgognon's picture

I must admit that i have an issue with the sexualization of nudity. Wherever it is, even though we are not nudists, nudity is shamed. Why shame bodies ? see it as Gross, call the guy a GWC. you say young Female in front of kids... had it been a nude male it would have been ok ?

Seriously... Taste or lack of is not related to nudity, and the main issue is more the fact that it was not asked for in the mall and had no permit. for the rest... it's just a body, skin, and that should simply seen as lines, architectural shapes and lighting.

Leigh Miller's picture

How many images of nude boys taken by older men in public spaces have you seen?

Gross because of the lacking of respect for others in a public space. NO regard for children of any age who would be seeing that.

I love the human body, regardless of male or female. I don't want to see any on the steps of my local mall.

Nic Hilton's picture

So over all these girls giving into tasteless work form creepy old men willing to pay

Fritz Asuro's picture

I think the only issue here is they did a nude shoot in public without any permit (or common sense).

There's nothing wrong for a woman at a legal age to get paid for a shoot, nude or not, doesn't matter.
And to say that the photographer is "creepy old man' is just wrong. So what if he's in his prime age? Can't he pursue his dream to take nude photos? (In the article, there was no mention of the photographer taking sexual advantage of the model, so I will assume his intent is purely for his Photography) And only younger men can do such?

Walid Azami's picture

I agree or the ageism towards older men. We all age and is it less criminal if the photographer was in his 20s?

Joe Healey's picture

And if the "creepy old man" happened be named Peter Lindbergh would we assume it to be tasteless work by an old guy?

Vincent Alongi's picture

What NOT to do. Lol.

There's a part of me that wants to put this up on my blog of things that people shouldn't expect of me. The sane, rational part of me still gets slightly creeped out by shooting women half my age (they're in their early 20's) even in broad daylight, appropriately dressed (them... and me), and among plenty of people. The whole #metoo thing has me deliberately following all rules of etiquette. Who wants to get accused of something inappropriate? No thanks...

I see sexism is alive and well here.

Walid Azami's picture

"they probably should have picked a more discreet location." - My favorite line of this article.

Vincent Alongi's picture

I wonder how this would be received in more tolerant cultures, like Europe. Granted, public nudity may still be against laws... but our culture has a huge stick rammed straight up it's @ss about the body as a work of art in public places.

Walid Azami's picture

I find that line funny just because you have to laugh at some point. What I don't find funny is the blatant ageism in this culture and the willingness to demonize someone because they're of a certain age. Punish them for having a nude shoot, but not for his age. Should he just put his camera down because some millennial subscribes to a certain type of prejudice? He offered compensation, she accepted. Would I want young kids seeing that in a public space? NO WAY! However, I also don't want kids in their formative years seeing every other ad in that dying mall which promote bulimia, discounts certain cultures and fat shames.

Spy Black's picture

"Punish them for having a nude shoot..."

In public you mean, or in general?

very good this news.

Do the same thing in France and people would have applauded. Do the same thing in the UK, questions would be asked to the PM. Anglo-saxon culture is rather prudish.
And the USA seems to be divided in half still living a 100 years in the past and the other half living in this time.
You could ask yourself what it is shamefull about a body.

Pho Dog's picture

It should be noted that a commercial mall is not a public space. And since the model was paid, the shoot could be considered a commercial shoot which should at minimum have a property release.

nudity in public place is not acceptable. nice judgement.

Nacktheit an öffentlichen Orten ist nicht akzeptabel. gutes Urteilsvermögen. Bitte benutze deinen Sinn. Mach das nicht wieder öffentlich in der Öffentlichkeit, weil diese Welt der Himmel ist, aber manche Typen sind Teufel.

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