Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

This video is a double-whammy. It's trying to uncover where ideas come from, and the conceptual and artistic execution of the video is so well done and it provides a kind of answer for the rhetorical question of where ideas come from. I've had creative block. You want to put the next portfolio piece together, but you don't know what to do exactly. You first need to come up with an idea, and then you have to nurture it to be something new but something that still contains your style and way of shooting. 

After watching this video, I now don't worry about it anymore. The ideas are out there, in your work, in your daily interactions with people, and your experiences in certain places and spaces. What I derived from the video is that 99% of the time ideas aren't going to come to you all of a sudden while you are lying on your bed. It's going to show itself in certain ways you wouldn't think to be relevant to your search. It can come when you're walking a different route, talking to a stranger or picking up a magazine not relevant to the photographic or video industry. I believe that these ideas do show themselves and it's our task to take them and put it all together. This is my answer. What's yours? Please leave your way of coming up with ideas in the comments. 

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I rely on unicorns for my ideas...