Faking Sunset Ambience on Location for a Fashion Shoot

In this video, Lindsay Adler deconstructs two images to show how to mimic a fake sunset using studio lights on set.

Lindsay Adler is well known for her creativity and use of colors to create beautiful fashion portraits. Inspired by Mark Seliger’s Oscars project from 2020, where he created a set lit with fake window lighting with a warm sunset hue, Adler wanted to create something similar in this house. Getting a perfectly timed and angled sunset shot can take a lot of luck, which, as pointed out in the video, they did not have on the overcast day. However, using a bare-bulb strobe and a gel can help you get predictable results with any window at anytime of the day, not just west-facing windows at golden hour.

Here, Lindsay walks through her lighting setup, her choice of modifiers, her lens choice, and her use of a lens filter, showing the effect it has on the final image. In addition to showing the straight-out-of-camera images, she also shows her editing choices in Capture One and a before and after of the final Photoshopped images to show what she did and why in her editing.

Check out the entire video for a more detailed explanation of how she set up, styled, lit, and edited these two images.

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